3D Padded Underwear Bicycle Shorts

No, that’s not an imitation of a baboon’s butt– it’s the inside view of a pair of shorts to show you how it will bring the ultimate comfort to yours (your butt, not your baboon) when using it to go biking.

Do you love biking for fun or exercise but find that most bike seats are uncomfortable, or leave you in pain or discomfort, especially during long periods of use? You’re not alone, and it’s amazing how long it’s taken anyone to er, get to the bottom (sorry, couldn’t help it) of addressing this problem. But now, rejoice! For here comes: The 3D padded bike shorts!

4ucycling 3D Padded Bike Shorts
Photo credit: 4ucycling

This breathable, lightweight, 3D padded underwear shorts for biking is meant to relieve hip as well as crotch pain while giving you the utmost in biking pleasure. It is sweat resistant and its 3D padding is designed to be ultra durable, adding a literal extra dimension to what is already a fine pair of bike shorts.

These cycling shorts are designed to be very comfortable, breathable, lightweight in design, wear-resistant, long-lasting and made of polyester material with 3D foam padding.

If you’re still wearing regular shorts when you go cycling, you’re needlessly suffering when salvation is in these shorts as bright and clear as the baboon from which it wasn’t inspired.


Made for male and female users, these shorts can be worn directly or ideally like underwear, using it under regular everyday clothing, regardless of body shape.


4ucycling 3D Padded Bike Shorts
Photo credit: 4ucycling

They’re ultra thin, lightweight, manufactured, and precision engineered that shows when opened and worn, using material that helps minimize wind resistance.

Sweat Resistant, Water Resistant and Breathable

It will quickly as well as easily absorb and release sweat for easy sweat transfer because it’s made of premium breathable polyester material to give riders a very comfortable ride even during very long cycles. In fact, it can easily be worn under everyday clothing. Why you would choose to do that is totally up to you!

Relieves Hip Pain

4ucycling 3D Padded Bike Shorts
Photo credit: 4ucycling

The 3D foam padding has been carefully crafted to help relieve the hip pain normally associated with long cycle rides. And the reason I repeat that is because this cannot be emphasized enough. You’re not getting old, that pain you feel is likely because of poorly designed bike seats!

In fact, not only does it relieve pain, people report that using it during short or extended bike rides is like sitting in the clouds. (How they know what sitting on the clouds feels is another story, but we’ll take it.)

The padding isn’t just there to be functional and protect your rear, it is clear that careful consideration came into play to ensure it felt even more comfortable than it already looked.

Isn’t a Costume

4ucycling 3D Padded Bike Shorts
Photo credit: 4ucycling

That’s not a Halloween costume, the image above is just meant to show how it looks inside out. The orange is the padding and work as good as you’d expect even by simply gawking at it, and it’s stretchable like crazy.

Great for Any Type of Biking

Whether you’re biking outdoors, exercising indoors, doing your gym’s spin class, or swinging through trees with primates, a pair of these would be a perfect fit.

An Essential Bike Accessory Away from Your Bike

While most add-ons are normally associated directly on your bike, this is one that happily wears you. Even used by itself, it will bring your biking game to new heights.

Paired with cool super-accessories like an insulated water bottle that keeps your liquids hot or cold for a very long time, crazy-bright bike light, what used to be just a speedometer but is now a full-blown bike computer, or mobile device mount or holder, and you have the best tools for the perfect bike ride this side of an airplane.

4ucycling Size Chart
Chart courtesy of 4ucycling

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The Solution to Uncomfortable Bike Seats Isn’t Seats, It’s Your Shorts

Now there’s a meme-worthy quote. If you’ve ever experienced or just imagined your rear end hurting or getting sore from using a bicycle (regular bikes, home/gym spinners, or other types of cycles), you know that simply changing any imperfect bike seat won’t really solve the problem, because the underlying issue is your anatomy.

As such, what you need is padding, and while most bike seats are insufficient in addressing this, the best and easiest solution is not on the seat itself, but what you wear.

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Note: Seriously, get yourself this pair. Your bum will thank you for it. To the chorus of baboons who may or may not have been the inspiration for its design.

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