Indoor Cycles Fight Obesity

Instead of doing what we normally do on a daily basis– whether at the office at work, at home watching TV, or at school sitting at classes all day– why not continue doing that, but at the same time, be exercising concurrently as well? That is what one school has done to combat the growing girth and fat in the population, starting with students, and showing how bicycle desks fight obesity.


Various media outlets have been making recurring reports about schools seeing the light about desk cycles and their multiple merits, and have been unabashed in reporting about them.

That’s not a surprise considering schools have been more conscious about the food served in their cafeterias and having a method or tool that augments that– such as an exercise cycle underneath students’ desks– only serves to further that goal.

Best of all is that kids by nature are (hyper-) active. And when in class, these kids sit most if not all of the time and while the upper part of the body may be moving (writing, etc.), the lower extremities is normally slack.

With the bike desk, this hits multiple birds with a single stone because not only is this healthier for kids, it also enables them to move their lower extremities, in an activity that provides for a great cardio routine, while at the same time keeping them busy.

Except only for the cost of getting multiple units, it’s a wholly win-win for all involved. Students report having fun, experts talk about how a great cardio or time using the desk cycles also help augment cognitive abilities in students, and overall teachers note not just the health benefits to students but an improvement overall in behavior, perhaps due to activity and attention being focused on the fun activity of biking below the desk.


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Check out their verdict.

Note: Unfortunately, the video had been taken down by YouTube (needless to say, the verdict was a full recommendation and high marks for the ElliptiGo). For your viewing pleasure, we’re substituting the video with another one, this time from PopSugar Fitness.

DIY Bicycle Desk

The really nice thing about bicycle desks is because, unlike a lot of other exercise machines, you have real options to either buy high-priced models all the way to bare-bones and really cheap units. What’s more, you don’t even really have to shell out much cash if you have some parts available in  your home, or are feeling like having some fun and assembling and creating your own DIY bicycle desk yourself.