ElliptiGO 8C – Bestselling Elliptical Bike Review

ElliptiGO 8C - The Best Seller

The Bestselling ElliptiGO 8C Elliptical Bicycle The ElliptiGO 8C is the most popular model of ElliptiGO’s “long-stride” line, striking the perfect balance between cost and performance (including features). Whereas the 3C model of its stride class is meant for the more budget conscious, and the 11R is on the opposite end of the spectrum being the … Read moreElliptiGO 8C – Bestselling Elliptical Bike Review

Desk Exercises vs. Chair Exercises

pedal exerciser

The thing about fitness is that, you actually don’t have to go to the gym. If you’re pressed for time, find it hard to endure a regular trip to the gym, don’t want to spend for a gym membership, or just need to be healthy without spending the long commute and workout, there is hope, … Read moreDesk Exercises vs. Chair Exercises

Raniaco Wireless Bicycle Multi-Function Computer (Speedometer, Odometer, and More)

Summary Here’s a modern-day bike speedometer and odometer that measures various speed measurements (max speed, average speed, traffic speed), distance, clock and running time, then displays it in fully digital LCD display with a backlight that can be set in either green or white color. It’s definitely more than just another bike accessory. It keeps … Read moreRaniaco Wireless Bicycle Multi-Function Computer (Speedometer, Odometer, and More)

ElliptiGO 11R Elliptical Bike Review – For Serious Trainers

ElliptiGO 11R

The ElliptiGO 11R is Arguably the Best (But Expensive) Elliptical Road Bicycle The ElliptiGO 11R is the top-of-the-line model of the brand’s “long-stride” family of stand up bikes and designed especially for athletes, racing and “ultra-endurance” events. This “running bike” (instead of the usual fare that you ride) is the lightest and arguably the most … Read moreElliptiGO 11R Elliptical Bike Review – For Serious Trainers

The Bicycle Desk Passive Workout

The concept of the passive workout at the office is about how to squeeze in exercise time for an office workout regime without breaking your time or routine. Even though technology has given us the resources to make our lives easier than in any other time in history, many still can’t seem to find time … Read moreThe Bicycle Desk Passive Workout

DrudgeReport: Sitting is One Step Above Being Dead

There have been countless articles about the also countless studies made showing the dangers of sitting regularly, such as at work. Now major news outlets are recognizing this in their features, and DrudgeReport highlights how sitting is death. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2016 was full of fitness (including office fitness) equipment. But TheGuardian … Read moreDrudgeReport: Sitting is One Step Above Being Dead

Welcome to Bikes for Fitness

Marcy Cardio Mini-Cycle Exercise Bike

Staying Healthy While Sitting All Day Humans are an active, mobile species. Staying in place makes us wither. We aren’t meant to stay put, but made to move. Research and (inconclusive) authority sites have time and again shown that staying stationary is bad for your health.Yet humans just love to sit. Whether slouching in the … Read moreWelcome to Bikes for Fitness

10 Reasons How the Bicycle Desk Beats All Other Office Exercise Tools

At a single glance it is clear that the bicycle desk has practically all the benefits of other exercise tools at work for the title of best office workout machine, sans the disadvantages associated with them. For good reason, because although it arrived among the latest in the game— standing desks and treadmill desks having … Read more10 Reasons How the Bicycle Desk Beats All Other Office Exercise Tools

The Desk Cycle Cometh

office workout

The Workout Office is the New Gym The advent of the desk bicycles have enabled people to combine multiple huge benefits into one: First it allows the user to exercise in the comfort of one’s home or office. Then it allows total control so the user can exert as much or as little effort as … Read moreThe Desk Cycle Cometh

Top 10 Ways Sitting Will Kill You

Sitting at Work

Face it, that last Netflix marathon made you feel intuitively guilty. Sitting too long watching the tube can give you pangs of guilt along with the joys of the show you’re watching. It’s like the guilt-reward trip you get when eating that bar of chocolate or ice cream tub. But it gets worse, because your … Read moreTop 10 Ways Sitting Will Kill You

Office Exercises

Keeping healthy and fit aren’t a matter of scheduled treks to the gym anymore. Today, there are routines as well as equipment that enable you to exercise from anywhere– such as from your house or at the office– with the added option of being able to do your home routines while reading or watching television, … Read moreOffice Exercises

ElliptiGO Elliptical Cycle Reviews

stand up elliptical bike

Introduction to ElliptiGO Elliptical Bicycle Reviews Elliptical Outdoor Bikes are two-wheeler bicycles designed to replicate running without the impact. They combine an elliptical machine– like you’d find in a gym– with a bicycle in a way that sounds weird but in practical use actually makes a lot of sense, and a pleasure to use. With … Read moreElliptiGO Elliptical Cycle Reviews