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We are all about bicycles, with two twists: First, we are passionate about bikes made for fitness. Especially the kind that enables you to exercise your lower extremities that are usually idle when you’re you’re working at your desk or doing sedentary activity like watching TV at home.

Secondly, and just as important, we are dedicated to reporting on bicycle innovations.

And this is our report desk.

More than a Healthy Ride

BicycleDeskSure, riding bicycles are healthy almost by definition, but our emphasis is more about that extra swing towards using your cruiser beyond the casual pedal in the park and more towards the kind that gets you panting and puffing as a strenuous cardio exercise, or coversely, as a very casual pedaling routine– but for longer times indoors– with an exercise bike.

What’s more, it’s not about just regular exercise bikes, but interesting, innovative or newfangled specimens of modern wonder, like an under desk bike, for example; or an outdoor trainer that can double as an indoor exercise machine as well.

Sometimes it’s just about fine accessories, office exercise routines (with or without cycles), or really amusing stuff like the Bicycle Hotel. No kidding.

Whatever the case, even though our slogan is ostensibly about covering bikes for exercise and fitness in general, deep down we are dedicated to reporting about bicycle innovation and all the related topics that are sure to inform, spilling for you the most interesting stuff, or just give you a smile, chuckle or two.

bicycle desk

Healthy Multitasking at Work

There are actual “bicycle desks” as our name implies, a bike under your desk that allows you to exercise, even all day, pedaling away, while your upper body also does office work or any type of activity you normally do. And these have real, honest-to-goodness benefits (as much it has its share of naysayers).Talk about pedaling while watching TV and your friends will have a hard time imagining the concept of how watching TV can actually be a healthy activity.

Talk about pedaling while watching TV and your friends will have a hard time imagining the concept of how watching TV can actually be a healthy activity.

But technology and progress continue their inexorable advance, and the world of the humble two-wheeler is no exemption to the exciting wonders arriving.

The Bike Report Desk

We cover bicycle desks, and we cover desk exercises. But the true essence of the “desk” in our name is like a news or publishing “desk” that reports on newsworthy or engaging topics about bicycles, and cycling innovations.

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As the pun goes, it’s definitely going to be a great ride, we’ll be covering it, and we’re glad you could join us.

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Seriously, a Fun Way to Health and Fitness

Exercise Outdoors or While Working at Home or at the Office!
Exercising through modern bike innovations lets you pedal for a whole body workout outdoors or while multitasking indoors (like doing work on your desk at the office or watching TV at home).
Bike innovations for fitness.