Best Bicycle Pump for Presta Valves

Best Bicycle Pump for Presta Valves

If you are biking in 2019, you’re going to need a bike pump that keeps up with the times. Presta valves are the newest valves that are coming factory standard on bikes and they have many improvements. If you’re serious about maintaining your bike and being able to work on your tires as you see fit, you’re going to need a pump that fits these valves.

This article will cover some of the main ideas that you need to know about presta valves and show you some great options for pumps that will fit these new kinds of valves.

What is a Presta Valve: An Overview

A presta valve is about half as wide as the more well-known Schrader valve and is made completely of metal. They taper a little toward the top, and some are threaded right down. The valve stem opens up by loosening a textured nut on the top of the valve. Unlike a Schrader valve, the system doesn’t use a check valve– it seals totally based upon stress in the tube or tire. On many Presta valves, including those for use in tubeless systems, the entire core is removable. Take care when loosening the stem nut to not mistakenly loosen the entire core, which will certainly allow all the air out of the tire rapidly.

Where are Presta Valves Located on the Bike?

Presta valves can be found on the tires jutting toward the hub inside the edge of the rim on the tire. They are just as easy to locate on a bicycle as almost any other valve, including a Scrader valve.

Benefits of Using Presta Valves

Presta valves were invented by the same man that founded Zéfal, which is now among the leading bike pump suppliers. Compared to Schrader valves, Prestas are preferably suited to bike wheels for lots of different reasons:

– They call for a smaller sized opening in the rim, which improves rim stamina.

– They’re lighter, so high-performance wheels don’t need to be reversed for the stem weight in order to rotate efficiently.

– They secure firmly on air pressure alone, so there’s no demand for a mechanical check valve like on Schrader systems (which can clog with particles).

– They are easily extendable with adaptors, making them excellent for deeper-section wind resistant rims.

Characteristics of a Presta-Only Pump

LeZyne Bike PumpA Presta-only pump has a rubber gasket in the head, or chuck, that will certainly fit comfortably around a Presta shutoff however not a Schrader. A Schrader-only pump has a pin in the center of the chuck to depress the Schrader stem’s check valve. If you try to place it on a Presta tube, it will not fit.

What’s a Good Presta Pump

If you’re looking for the best bicycle pump for Presta valves, you’re certainly in the right place. We have a great suggestion for you! We think you should use this Lezyne Classic Floor Drive Pump for your Presta pumps. It has some great features and it’s durable. Best of all, it will certainly fit on your Presta valve.

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