Best Bicycle Pump for Touring

Best Bicycle Pump for Touring

Bicycling touring is one of the most enjoyable activities that bike owners can partake in, but like any sort of outdoor activity, it is important to never go touring unprepared. In addition to common sense supplies and emergency back-ups, any cyclist who decides to head out touring will need a bicycle pump. The best bicycle pump for touring will be one that gives you the confidence you need to make sure that you can keep your bike tires nice and pumped during your tour. Let’s take a closer look at what makes a bicycle pump the best bicycle pump for touring as well as some suggestions of pumps still available for sale.

What Makes Something the Best Bicycle Pump for Touring?

The exact details of what makes something the best bicycle pump for touring may vary, depending on who you ask—but for the average person, a bicycle pump for touring should be efficient and compact above all else. It can be impractical and annoying to lug around heavy gear during a ride, which is why more compact models are perfect for touring.

Best Bicycle Pumps for Touring

There are many different options out there, but the following are three of the very best bicycle pump for touring options. These options are available from a range of online dealers.

Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump

This compact pump is perfect for traveling, thanks to is small and convenient size. This particular product comes with a lifetime guarantee in regards to any manufacturing defects, in addition to standard replacement warranties which include products that would otherwise fall outside the normal guidelines. The pump features a unique telescoping design so that you can switch immediately in between high-volume pumping and high-pressure pumping. [Get it on Amazon]

Pro Bike Mini Pump

This small, compact pump is perfect for taking on the road. It weighs only 128 grams and can easily fit inside small bags and backpacks that you take with you during your trip. This model has an integrated pressure gauge as well, so you won’t have to lug out another piece of equipment or buy something new in order to fix the problem. This is one of the newer bike pump options available, but the company has already proved itself with its range of high quality and valuable bike accessories. [Check it out on Amazon]

Pro Bike Tool Mini Floor Pump

This particular compact model is slightly heavier than the other two options–coming in at 190 grams–but it is made with high quality stainless steel which is heavier than other materials. This particular bump has a foot peg that allows it to be placed and used on the floor, a feature which is sadly missing from other types of bicycle pumps. This particular model’s design is great for anyone who wants to save some energy pumping up the bike; the stainless steel foot at the bottom can be used to prop up the pump while it’s used to fill up a bicycle tire. [Check this out on Amazon]


If you’re looking for the best bicycle pump for touring, have no fear: the above list is great for getting started, and should last you a long way. And give you the peace of mind long before you ever needed it.

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