Best Bike Lights for Unlit Roads

Best Bike Lights for Unlit Roads

Bike safety is important, no matter what time of day you’re riding or the nature of your bicycle commute; whether you’re riding on trails for exercise and fun or you’re riding to and from work as part of your daily commute.

One of the most important elements of bike safety are bike lights, especially if you’ll be riding on unlit roads. The best bike lights for unlit roads are lights which provide ample safety lighting with efficiency, durability and most of all, stability.

In the past, bike lights tended to be battery powered lights, but today modern bike lights are almost all high quality LEDs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best bike lights for unlit roads.

Lezyne Hecto Drive 400XL

The Lezyne Hecto Drive 400XL provides 400 lumens maximum and the battery can last for about 17.5 hours before it needs to be recharged. It can be easily recharged using a USB port, making this a highly convenient option for any modern cyclist. You can extend the battery life by choosing different modes as well, so you may be able to make it last longer depending on how you use it. This option costs about $35 retail, so it’s a great option if you’re on a budget.

Exposure Strada SL

If you’re looking for something with more power, then the Exposure Strada SL may be the right option. This light provides 900 lumens maximum and the battery life is close to 36 hours, depending on the modes you use which can impact battery life. This light features a road specific beam pattern for additional safety and is definitely ideal for riding on unlit roads or trails. It is on the higher end of the budget spectrum, but with the amount of power and safety it provides, it is well worth it.

Beryl Laserlight Core

This is a safety-conscious light that provides 400 maximum lumens and has a battery life of about 13 hours. This light is very bright and is ideal for riding on unlit roads, as the light itself projects an image of a bike onto the road with a laser. If you’re using the lower LED settings on the light, the battery will last longer, but since most users will want to get the most out of its safety features it is likely that you’ll need to recharge it more often.

Lezyne Lite Drive 800XL

The Lezyne Lite Drive 800XL provides 800 lumens maximum and has a stunning battery life that can last up to 76 hours depending on the brightness and other mode settings. This light is bright enough to be used on unlit roads and features a total 8 modes which can be used in varying conditions. This is definitely an ideal option for riders who want to make the most of their bike light’s battery.

If you’re looking for the best bike lights for unlit roads, consider the above options which provide ample lighting, good battery life and most importantly, additional safety on the road.

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