Bicycle Blue Book: A Guide and Review

It’s really easy to find bikes for sale all over the internet. But if you’re buying second hand, it can be tricky to tell what the real value of the product is. Bikes are hot commodities right now, especially in a post coronavirus world, bikes are incredibly valuable.

That’s why sellers basically have a free license to charge whatever they want. That’s where valuation websites come in handy and the cycling community uses Bicycle Blue book.

It’s not just about finding a good quote. Bicycle Blue Book also provides a selling platform. They’re trustworthy and easy to use.

What is Bicycle Blue book?

Bicycle blue book advertises itself as “Where the cycle community comes to buy and sell.” And it’s true.

Bicycle blue book offers three interlinked services.

  1. Valuation of your bike (online)
  2. You can trade in your bike for a new one, only paying the price difference.
  3. You can buy or sell bikes.

The name comes from the blue book concept of a blue book of car valuations. Bicycle blue book allows you to gain an accurate valuation of your bike’s worth.

They have a dedicated database with over eleven years of transactional data and regularly updated algorithms to give you an accurate valuation for any bike built after 1993.

The platform enables you to sell and buy with confidence, without fear of scams or cons or being ripped off.

Trade-ins are much easier than the hassle of selling yourself, there’s no haggling, no negotiation. Plus you can immediately take away a new bike.

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Bicycle Blue Book’s services


It’s easy to get ripped off and cheated when buying online, especially as bike’s are such hot commodities. Whether you’re selling and want to make sure you get a good deal, or you’re buying and don’t want to be ripped off, bicycle blue book’s valuation guide is a fantastic resource for the cycling community.

Once you’ve found your dream bike, up on ebay or craigslist or amazon, it’s time to make sure the price is fair. Or maybe you want to sell your old bike.

Their valuation service is easy to use, pleasant looking and fresh. You can either manually enter the name of the bike, or choose the year, brand and model from drop down menus that tailor to the year and then also the brand that you chose, so you aren’t scrolling through thousands of models.

You are then directed to choose the condition of the bike you wish to buy or sell. These range from excellent, very good, good and fair, with a clear explanation of what would constitute each condition. It then gives you the private buying range, the trade in price and the Manufacturers Recommended Selling Price.


Selling is very easy, setting up a listing takes only a few minutes and your bike is on the market! The advantage of using Bicycle Blue Book is that you know that you’re not going to be haggled down or stuck with a bike gathering dust for too long.

The comprehensive listing process takes you step by step through creating an attractive listing with all the information buyers need. The drop-down menus basically do the work for you. However, if you’ve added improvements to the bike making you want to up the asking price, you’ll need to explain that to potential buyers when they contact you as Bicycle Blue Book doesn’t have an option to explain added features.

Once it’s up and running, BBB takes a 5% commission from the sale price when the bike is sold.

They can also connect you to a local bike shop to help you pack and send your bike.


Buying is also easy, swipe through what’s on the market or use their comprehensive filters to narrow down the search to find what you’re looking for. It can be hard to tell what bike you’re looking for, but once you fill out the filters, you can rest assured that you’ll find what you need.

Trade-ins are a beautiful concept. Forget the hassle of selling and waiting for a buyer. BBB will buy your bike off you and you can put the price towards another a brand new bike. BBB partners with many local bike shops so you can buy a brand new bike and support a small business at the same time.

Review of Bicycle Blue Book

All in all, Bicycle Blue Book is a fantastic resource for cyclists. Whether you’re using it simply to find a valuation, or using the marketplace to buy and sell, it helps you find a fair price and get what you need and want.

The site’s prices are fair and calculated from a lot of data and the whole platform is incredibly user friendly and pleasant to use.

The only negative point we could find was the lack of communication about upgrades. This means that you should discuss the asking price with buyers or sellers to find out about cool extras that are driving up the asking price.

The founders of Bicycle Blue Book are also trying to help small businesses and you, the individual seller or buyer to sell or buy a bike, not just at a fair price, but without worry of scams or theft.

If you’re looking to buy, sell or trade in a bike, your first stop should be Bicycle Blue Book.

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