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The Best Bicycle Games For Mobile, PC Desktop, Laptop, Web, IOS, And Android

It is not enough to have a racing game. These days developers and game creators have delved into racing simulations as well as games that aren’t random but have a level of gameplay themed on a fun physical activity (like driving and biking) but augmented with the fun no reality-based activity could match.

These games are more familiar to the average teenager and therefore spread them more readily to easily go viral more than other age groups. Or to players who want to experience riding on a Lamborghini just twice removed from experiencing the actual car or donning a pair of VR goggles.

Below are some of the best bicycle and racing games in the market.

In no particular order, the list would focus on game modes, gameplay, attributes, characters, control, and graphics. It ranges from simple cycling games across the country to extreme stunt-driven games with an unimaginable feel to it.

Dave Meera Freestyle BMX - Game

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

Named and promoted by extreme cycling champion Dave Mirra, this video game offers the chance to select from a range of professional cyclists such as Ryan Nyquist, Kenan Harkin, Joey Garcia, Shaun Butler, Chad Kagy, and Tim Mirra.

The game is very realistic, and detailing is extreme to suit cycling fans who love long and acrobatic races with obstacles. All characters come with their personalities and driving style, and users also have to chance to choose soundtracks available like Cypress Hill Ranchid, Deftones, etc.

The game also provides over 30 real sponsors to make it as realistic as possible, among these sponsors are Adidas, UGP, Haro, Pro-tec, Slim Jim, and as you navigate, you would get upgrades and get rights to more exclusive sponsor deals and packages. The game itself is very sleek with ten multiplayer levels and allows rides the chance to move through 12 different locations like San Jose Ramp club, Dave Mirra’s Eastwood Ramp park and camp Woodward’s.

Pro Cycling Manager - Game

Pro Cycling Manager

With over 200 races across the globe, you get to manage your team and make decisions that concern staff recruitment, scouting, and contract negotiations and even sponsor management. The efficiency in game modes is world class, as players get to select strategies to deploy in the actual game and even give out instructions during the race.

This is the best cycling game available that is in manager mode and equips the gamer with all-around control and an experience that makes it believable. This game is available for PC, XBOX, and PS4 under the name Tour de France.

Cycling Evolution - Game

Cycling Evolution

After the appearance of Pro Cycling Manager series, Freedom Factory created a similar version in a bid to outsmart the latter.

With the sleek design and attention to detail, Cycling Evolution provides extreme road cycling adventures from city to city. The gamer has the ability to manage every aspect of the game from finance to game tactics.

The game teaches the average person about the sport by its patient interpretation of the world of cycling. Gamers can also play a single game mode with a quick race or go into management and start a career for a whole season. Here, they would try to be victorious against over 1000 riders and 40 teams, most of which have real brand names and sponsors with authentic cycling calendar and events. Unfortunately, they do not come with Official license so the names would be different, but the experience is the same.

The dynamism of this game come from managing your team in actual gameplay, you can select your rider, dictate the pace, and so on, nothing is off-limits, it also allows gamers to manipulate time as some stage and reduce the struggle on your rider. In 2013, the creator reproduced the game with the RADRENNSPORT MANAGER PRO 2013.

Pro Biker 2 - Game

Pro-Biker 2

A brilliant game with a whole lot of intrigue as gamers navigate through cities and compete with computerized opposition in various fashion. Gamers can select from two game modes – fast race and time trial.

With fast race, you compete in a single-player mode or against an opponent to finish the race first. But, time trial means trying to beat the clock in a ridiculous setting as you jump through hoops and obstacles to reach the goal.

Also, the control is simple and easy to understand for new gamers but hard enough as you go through the stages with mud tracks, sand-filled tracks, etc.

Stickman Downhill - Game

Stickman Downhill

Stickman downhill has a brilliant storyline that is fast-paced and engaging with each level. Gamers can select up to 17 different bikes, designed to suit different races and to match your need in over 90 different locations, from steep mountains to asphalt tracks.

With an online mode that allows users to play with friends, Stickman is soon to be the best game of cycling available.

Mountain Bike Adrenaline - Game

Mountain Bike Adrenaline

Created to give best of experience in competitive cycling, this game made in 3D keeps you on the edge as you paddle your way through Rocky Mountains, Hawaii, and even the Grand Canyon.

With incredible slopes and a great view, Mountain Bike Adrenaline would test a gamer’s endurance, speed, navigation skills to beat time and create mind-boggling stunts up and down hills for points.

Pumped BMX - Game

Pumped BMX

This an arcade game available to PS4 and XBox ONE.  Pumped BMX has over five hundred different challenges to choose from where you can perform incredible stunts and skills to earn points as you navigate to beat time and create records.

Initially, gamers would be allowed to choose from 8 bikes then advanced to get another eight bikes; gamers can also adjust costume and character appearance as well as bike gears.

BMX Race - Game

BMX Race

This masterpiece takes the gamer through sightseeing and great views along beautiful mountain and valleys. The game creates fair obstacles for average gamers and can provide the leverage for simple to extreme stunts until the finish line.

There is more to BMX Race than meets the eye, and that is why it is on this list.  With over 12 bikes to choose from, 12 locations, and several characters available to select from, it promises to be a joyride with each step and pedal. The game is available for Android users for free on Play Store.

Pedal Up - Game

Pedal Up

Have total control as you pedal your way through various obstacles and with different levels to go through.

Pedal up would give you a journey fitting for adventurous gamers who do not mind falling from time to time. 

Interestingly, the game has over 40 levels to navigate through with its excellent graphics and realistic control android users are sure to have a good time with this one.

BMX Adventure - Game

BMX Adventures

The first game on our list available for PC users. Another branded game and promises great graphic up and down, through mountains and valleys.

The fun adventures give users the chance to race against time and try to beat records. Games can also save sessions and watch to see how fast they went.

Bike Unchained - Game

Bike Unchained

This exciting game gives a lot of thrills as users get challenged to start races randomly from any location. The tracks are rough, and the visuals are excellent with beautiful views and glorious stunts.

Bike Unchained offers a dynamic experience with racing with different leagues available for selection and the opportunity to compete with other players online.

Bike Me - Game

Bike Me

With a good range of handsome/ pretty biker to select, Bike me gives total control of the experience from start to finish.

Control your biker through the streets, navigating past pedestrians in a big city life setting. The game provides five characters, stylish graphics, fast pace, and great control to play with friends online. 

Mountain Bike Xtreme - Game

Mountain Bike Xtreme

Just like the name implies, this brilliant creation takes games to the edge of the world with thrilling stunts and magnificent landscape.

The game is easy to control, and users get more point for stunts performed. The user also gets absolute control of game settings, which can be adjusted to suit the taste and race track. Even more, users can modify the time of the day, weather conditions, and so much more.

PEPI Bike - Game

Pepi Bike

This game offers an exciting view through rooftops and great landscape. Pepi Bike is different and thrilling enough to get users on the edge of their seat with great control and stunts with extreme heights and climbs.  This 3D game has simple control and nice graphics with points to be won with a coin collection.

Mountain Bike Downhill Cycle Race - Game

MTB Downhill Cycle Race

Another Android game to excite new and old gamers in the racing world.

You can spin the pedals and ride your way through various obstacles but avoid failing off dangerous cliffs and stairs. Also, the game provides great visual and a sound that accompanies the adventure, the blowing wind, and the biker breathing helps users feel involved in the game.

MTB offers a first-person view where users can see the game from the front view as they navigate controls and is available in 10 fun-filled levels.

Lonely Mountain Downhill - Game

Lonely Mountains Downhill

This beautiful game is designed for a PC to suit any gamers’ need.

Find your way through mountains, navigating till the finish line, with various obstacles, jumps, and hoops to keep you intrigued and busy throughout the drive.

Also, the game has an inbuilt map to find your path, which could be tricky if not followed properly. The gamer has to cleverly select route and plan ahead of each trip to stock with an appropriate amount of water and food.

Additionally, the game does not focus on realism but on the fantasy of decision making and timing to suit your journey.

Touchgrind BMX - Game

Touchgrind BMX

This game has a dangerous feel as users get to find their way through a very difficult situation and all kinds of obstacles which might involve jumping off a cliff to a particular position for a safe landing.

The stunts are also incredible and must be done with extreme precision and would surely get you going. It also has high-quality graphics and different selection of bikes with upgrades available at the user’s discretion.

BMX Freestyle Extreme 3D - Game

BMX Freestyle Extreme 3D

This game is all about style. Gamers must navigate through decent obstacles with an emphasis on skill and control.

With BMX Freestyle 3D 2, speed is not all that matters, performing dangerous stunts across billboards and pools in where points are won. The game has different characters to choose from, with wonderful control and realistic physics for visuals.

BMX Cycle Tricky Stunts

BMX Cycle - Tricky Stunts - Game

The name covers most aspects of the game. Users get to have full control with interesting game modes and high graphics with defined sound to engage the user.

Also, users can start a competition and try to beat other rides on the track while avoiding obstacles and jumping over cliffs. The stunts are properly structured to adapt to the various stages and competitions but are all daring to say the least.   

Downhill Masters - Game

Downhill Masters

Downhill Masters gives you interesting characters that are very unlikely to find themselves on a race track.

Users can select from a wide range of available professions and personalities like the chef, businessman, teenage girl, astronaut, or even gorilla. This game also provides great thrills with each level as you take on the challenge to take your character to great heights. Great control and easy but smart interface for any kind of gamer.

Bike Mayhem - Game

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing

Enjoy the ride as the challenge means running downhill while trying to avoid obstacles which could be high or low.

Gamers can select from a wide range of kits from Friday casual to professional biker, change headgear, footwear and pick from the over 100 different races and compete to beat records on time.

The game also allows users to customize bikes with points earned en route and even when you fail or crash; the game has a pleasant way of telling you about it.

Shred - Extreme Mountain Biking - Game

Extreme Mountain Biking

This game is for gamers who enjoy fast pace racing, stunts, climbing mountains, and competing against time along with computerized opponents in 3D.

The game also offers brilliant gameplay and a chance to select male or female riders. Users can find it difficult at first to navigate, but once controls are calibrated, its game on!

With fifteen different slopes and a wide range of acrobats to dive into Extreme Mountain Biking is one of the best single-player cycling games available for PC.

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Wrapping Up: The Best Bicycle Games

While any grand list is ultimately a matter of the tastes of writers and editors doing the curation, the games listed above are based on a tidy list and process rules that include general popularity, criteria (playability score, graphics, etc.), consensus, ratings distribution, review diffusion and a whole set of factors that include our own secret, totally-biased sauce for deeming game viability to be as close ti empirical and analytical as possible while ensuring the parts that are hard to score for metrics (fun per unit player personality for example)– which are considered. more an art than science– are addressed with as much weight as possible.

For the best and most thrilling Bicycle games available for PC (Windows or Mac; desktop or laptop), Android, and iOS, you’ll find something to be happy with one or all on the list, whether you want a simulation-type game with high fidelity to the physical world or one on the opposite side of the spectrum that elevates fun and playability to a healthy– or dare we say, even an unhealthy– level.

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