Essential Bicycle Gear And Accessories

Just as you can always dress in abject mediocrity and not pay a mind to the opinions of others, or the sound of your body imploring you to afford gear and accessories to enhance your biking experience, adding the right gear to your repertoire will make for a more enjoyable ride and happier self in ways you may not immediate imagine.

This article contains details on cycling and accessorizing to safety and beauty. These are essential for any biker both to maximize the enjoyment of your ride, to safeguard your trip, or if you are trying to get into cycling as a professional sport. It pays to start early, and acquire essential or “want” (instead of “need”) gear for your cycling activities. There are many brands associated with each category and subcategory, but we are going to focus on their particular purpose rather than their makers.

These essentials include a helmet, bike lock, a saddlebag, cycling glasses, a water bottle, cycling bell, water bottle cage, spoke light, cycling clothing, gloves, a pump, cycling pedals, and so on. But, before we go into other essentials, let’s start with the bike.

To Start: What of the Bike Itself?

Let’s start with what isn’t bike gear, the bike itself. Bicycles come with different sizes and ranges from different structure to suit your taste.

Bikes can vary from professional to basic for teenagers or even to kids starting up. Depending on your taste, there are different colors to choose from, and bikes usually come in bright colors so other road users can see them easily.

Chose by way of the type of terrain or style (racers or mountain bikes, road bikes, or hybrids, for example), age group (BMX for more vigorous cycling activity), and other appropriate factors.

There are many factors that play into this, and here’s an infographic to help you.

Guide to Bikes - Infographic

Special thanks to Greatist for the Infographic.

The List

The variety of these items range from low-cost to steep, and from low quality to robust powerhouses (not exactly correlated), the latter of each comparators usually allowing for the items to be enjoyed for years upon years if managed well. Just as it’s a pleasure to watch smart cyclists in their smart wear and smart gear, you can enjoy a level of aplomb for yourself and ride by onlookers like a boss in your spiffy biking gear.

So let’s get started.


This protecting gear comes in different sizes and taste. It is a very important piece of wear that every biker should consider before any other thing. Be it a two minutes race or a long journey across states; every biker should have this.

Helmets are made to save your life in case of a fall as there are very little things to protect a cyclist in the event of a fall and knowing the head is the most precious part of the body, it is essential always to protect it. It is also important to note that professional helmets are made for professionals, so if you are starting up, please avoid them totally; they would not help you.

Bike Locks

For security reasons, it is very important to secure the location when you know you would be leaving it. Bike locks come in different types but function the same, as long as you plan to stop somewhere you should know bike locks are crucial to safeguard your property.

Size is not important when buying a lock as the essence is to keep it from moving without the key. The technology is to keep the tyres from working by locking it up. It is not impossible to steal but very difficult to not look suspicious at least.


Saddlebags are very important for any trip, whether short or long. It is not about all you need; it is also important to package them properly.

These bags come in different sizes depending on your need, and what you are carrying and they can be placed under the seat for convenience and accessibility to the rider.

Spoke Lights 

If you have plans of riding at night times then you should really consider getting spoke lights, the essence is to brighten your movements so motorist and other road users can spot the cyclist. This is important especially if you are riding alone, unlike in an avalanche of riders in cycling competitions where it is always going to be difficult to spot hence the lights.

These lights can be installed on every part of the bike like rims, crossbar, frame, handlebars, rear brake, and even helmet. Most lights are in different modes and illuminate differently, while some are bright and steady, others are low and blink, all in a bid to get your attention.

Although you may need to charge them once in a while, spoke lights are a fundamental part of night riding.

Cycling Pedals

Yes! Bikes don’t come with a pedal; this is mainly because they cannot tell what kind that a cyclist would want. They vary, so it is very difficult to associate any bicycle with pedals.

Pedals are the engines of any bike. They motorize the bike to move forward and even backward with ease. Also, you can also get specific shoes to match the pedals.

Cycling Clothes

They are different body wear associated with cycling, all of which are tightly fitted to make it easy and convenient. The shorts usually very tight looking like knee-high swimming short. Also, they are very comfortable and keeps any part of your body from interacting with the bicycle without your consent.

There is also the waterproof jacket that shields the rider from the problem of weather. Proof enough to keep out rain and light enough to not heat you in hot weather.

Cycling Bell

This is basically what counts as an alarm to other motorist and road users. Cars have their horn; bicycles have their bells. They function the same- to alert other persons for your presence.

In some countries, it is illegal to sell a bike without the bell which the important as safety is crucial, not just for the cyclist but for other users of the road.


Pumps are very important to carry around or at least purchase with the bike because bicycle tyres tend to flatten easily.

Most roads are made for cars and trucks and their heavy duty tires, making it a bit of a struggle for cyclist. Hence, the need to possess a pump in the eventuality of a flat tire which can happen more than you can imagine.

Bike Lights

This is not the same as Spoke lights. While spoke lights illuminate the bicycle for others to see, bike lights illuminate the road to spot holes and even little animal traveling across the road who are more accustomed to hearing heavy machines before they run.

Bike lights are very important if you ever decide to ride at night. Furthermore, like bells, it is also illegal in some countries to ride without a bike light, stressing the importance.

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To Wrap It Up

There you go! Essential bicycle gear and accessories that like a credit card commercial you should never leave home without. Happiness is a joyful bike ride devoid of security concerns, accidents, and the healthy breeze blowing through your face in style and comfort. There are a few things in life that can make you happy that you simply cannot buy. Bike gear and accessories are not among them. And you should rejoice. For a little or a good chunk of change, you can boost your biking, health and style game that brings you all the benefits without compromise. So take advantage.

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