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How to Buy the Best Fitting Bicycle Shorts

A rose by any name is still a rose. Conversely, lipstick on a pig won’t make for tastier pork chops. No amount of paintwork is going to improve a lousy car or bike. So no amount of side metric, design or cost benefit is going to salvage the unease, discomfort and other issues that will plague you when not wearing proper gear on your bike rides.

This works just as well for selecting tires as it does selecting cycling shorts. Ergo, on the opposite end of the spectrum, having the right fit for such things as your bike shorts– something many people ignore or consider an afterthought after focusing on the bike when making a purchse– would make for not just a superior ride consistently, but also make you look good.

The major determinants when you are trying to choose a pair of road-cycling shorts should be the quality of materials and construction. But also crucial is how well they comply with your unique anatomy. Sometimes a relatively inexpensive pair may work better for you than a highly prized model.

Cycling shorts help make the cyclist more comfortable for miles by reducing chafing and providing some shock-absorbing padding. Here’s a guide for you if you’re going shopping.

Things To Consider When Getting A Bicycle Short

Some of the things to keep in mind when pondering the purchase of bicycle shorts includes:

  • Price

Simply put, in many cases, the more expensive shorts of a certain class aren’t necessarily the better ones, as we’ve stated above, obviously. But, in many cases in this category, many are. While this isn’t something you should make a habit of doing when buying cycling shorts (or just about anything in general), when you just need a quick and dirty method of selection, avoid cheap shorts because the material and construction may be substandard, and this might be harmful to your overall experience and ride. Cheap shorts also aren’t very durable, so in the long run, they really aren’t a bargain.

  • Panels

The more panels there are on the bicycle shorts, the better. Usually, 8-panel shorts are a better fit for your body than those made from fewer pieces. More experienced manufacturers use flat-seam stitching so additional panels won’t result in abrasion or other discomforts.

  • Waist Length

Standard cycling shorts are cut high in back to keep skin covered while the cyclist is in the bent-over riding position. They are low in front so you as a cyclist can bend forward without restriction. The front shouldn’t be so low, though, that it’s below your hip bones with nothing to help hold it up.

  • Waistband

For the waistband, just elastic is fine, but Just a drawstring is not. The elastic should be wide enough that it doesn’t feel like a tight around your middle. Some manufacturers add a drawstring, but If that’s the only thing keeping shorts in place, cyclists will feel restricted in certain positions or when breathing deeply.

  • Leg Grippers

Always check the leg grippers to be sure they’re wide, made of “sticky” rubber-like material and that they are sewn in securely. The legs should feel comfortably snug, not tight. It can be very frustrating when the short starts to tighten the crotch if the leg grippers aren’t working perfectly.

  • Stretch

Most shorts are primarily made up of the stretchy material called Spandex; you may come across shorts with fabric that was designed to resist stretching. Wearing spandex makes it easier for you to pedal and generally have comfort while cycling.

  • Size

If it is possible, the best option for buying shorts is to try them on before making payment. Buying shorts online is quite risky if you’re not replacing a model and size you’ve worn before.

Overall Fit

In general, no one wants any uncomfortable restriction, but everyone wants their shorts to stay exactly in place. Remember that properly designed cycling shorts will look a bit loose in the butt when you’re standing in front of the dressing room mirror. But then, crouch forward into the riding position and watch them mold to your body.

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Wrapping It Up

In order to avoid chafing and to be 100 percent comfortable while cycling, you’re going to need cycling shorts. The way these shorts fit, the padding, and feel that comes from wearing cycling shorts is something that will make every ride more comfortable.

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