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Different Types of Bicycle Trailer

There are different types of bicycle trailers designed for different purposes, different riding conditions, and different cargo types.

Whether you are towing cargo or carrying your child, using the right trailer for your bicycle is an essential and major decision, one with important consequences you wouldn’t normally.

Whichever trailer you end up with, always remember that you would be packing the weight of the trailer coupled with the weight of whatever you’re carrying in the trailer.

There are three major types of trailers: Bike trailer for cargo, for pets, for kids.

Bike Trailer For Cargo

A cargo trailer allows you to carry heavy gear on long trips. The weight of your bike is lighter because the weight of the cargo is on its own wheels, and the extra weight and length will only minimally impact how your bike handles.

Cargo trailers are typically available in one or two wheel variants.

  • Single Wheel Cargo Trailers

These types of trailers have less drag on the road than two-wheeled counterparts, so they’re easier to tow. On terrain that requires much more technicality, turning with a single wheel cargo trailer is easier. It is much more comfortable rolling a single wheel trailer on a narrow track than a two-wheel trailer.

  • Two-Wheel Cargo Trailers

Keeping a two-wheel trailer upright is easier, both when they are on and when they are off your bike. A two-wheel trailer makes loading, unloading, and storing the trailer easy. And, you don’t actually have to stress about perfectly balancing your load when you’re packing.

Cargo Trailer Accessories

  • Gear bags: Many cargo trailers have an array of compatible bags to keep your gear clean, dry and organized and in order
  • Hitch arm/mount: Some gear trailers have attachment systems that you can swap so as to make them compatible with different rear axles, wheel sizes, and brake configurations.
  • Spare mounts/skewers: A spare mount, otherwise known as a skewer, allows you to swap a single trailer between bikes.

Bike Trailer For Pets

A pet trailer will normally be enclosed and much larger than other cargo trailers, have a semi semi-rigid bottom and no seats. They can be used for gear, but not vice versa.

Some gear trailers have soft bottoms that don’t offer sure footing and others have sides that aren’t enclosed and won’t keep your pet from jumping out or protect him from the spinning wheels.

Bike Trailers For Kids

Trailers for kids are usually enclosed, and they can hold one or two children, typically younger kids.

There are two types of bike trailers for kids: the enclosed child trailers and the trailer bikes.

In an enclosed trailer, your child either rides nor pedal, while trailer bikes are for kids who want to pedal but who may not be strong enough to do so on their own yet. Both these options attach to the back of your bike.

To protect your child and also to imbibe a good safety culture within your child, make sure the child riding in a bicycle trailer always wears a helmet.

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Wrapping It Up

Bicycle trailers are another useful accessory for a cyclist. Plus, for extra comfort while cycling with cargo, luggages or with children, bike trailers come really handy in more ways than you’d expect.

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