Bicycle with Basket

Bicycles with a Basket

Not long after bicycles became a staple for outdoor fun, ideas about the many ways to multiply its usefulness breezed their way to life. Instead of just being a means of transportation, manufacturers thought it could also be used as a utility vehicle; for the joy of biking as much as for work, deliveries and the like. As such, the bicycle basket for fun and serious work was born.

Bicycles started becoming a thing at the dawn of the 20th century when horses and carts started getting supplanted as a means of transportation. Governments around the world have even started using bicycles with large carrying capacities to move materials between short distances.

They are basically used for light shopping duties such as going on daily visits to the shops for fresh bread or milk. They are mostly made of materials such as metal mesh, and some others are woven with canes.

Types of Bicycle Baskets And Their Uses

There are different exciting types of bicycle baskets, and they all have their uses

  • Front bicycle basket

These are attached to the handles and are usually made from plastics or metals. These are used to carry luggage, but to a limit, because handling might become a problem due to overloading. Too much luggage might, however, obstruct the rider’s vision.

  • Back bicycle baskets

These are mounted behind the seat and just right above the rear wheel. Also, they are usually narrower and longer than the baskets placed in front of the bicycle.

  • Pannier

These are connected baskets, bags, containers or boxes that have been used initially as cargo accessories on horses and other livestock that was used as transport.

Additionally, they are mounted on both sides of the bicycle, a great way to enhance the carrying capabilities of modern bicycles. In more recent times, panniers have mostly been used as touring bicycles.

  • Saddlebag

This is another accessory that was previously used on horse riding a was later moved to bicycles are saddlebags.

Saddlebags are mounted on all four sides of horse’s saddle, bicycle saddlebags. They are also smaller than ordinary baskets, and most often used to pack repair tools, first-aid kits and other utility gear that you might need. Today, they are majorly used in touring, racing and in mountain bikes.

  • Luggage carrier

The luggage carrier is always called a rack and is popular with utility and touring bicycles. Luggage carriers can be mounted on recumbents bicycles and on folding bicycles, but they may actually require customization or additional hardware.

Downsides Of Bicycle Baskets

One major thing about baskets and load carriers is that if they cannot be detached. Certain times, riders might just want to take their bike out for something that doesn’t include hopping or luggage carrying.

Another downside is that weight handling and distribution is different when luggage is added to a basket. Handling can be a lot harder and tricky with a front or rear basket.

Also, baskets might not be the most efficient means of carrying luggage on your bicycle. There are other means that might be more efficient.

For shorter trips, a messenger bag might be more efficient, and a pannier might provide more efficiency for distances greater than a mile or two.

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Whether you want your carrying holder in front of your bike (basket) or behind (trailer), there are many ways beyond having only yourself as cargo for your pedaled horse, so when you want to carry something without increasing your carbon footprint, give your trusty old bike some huffing and puffing power and not just have more fun, but even get healthier in the process.

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