Generate Power For Your Computer with a Bicycle Desk

The bicycle desk is great at concurrently combining office time with exercise. For instance:

  1. Doing your regular office work, while:
  2. Exercising concurrently using a bicycle desk

While that is an amazing proposition in itself, now there is a third addition:

  1. Using that exercise to generate power for charging and using your computer or gadgets!

That is, why not turn that exercise energy into juice to charge and power your computer or gadgets at the same time!

Pedal-Power has a bicycle desk that would seem like a joke, but is for real, and the benefits are seriously clear: its bicycle desk generates an electrical current as you pedal.

It’s not a variant of a desk cycle working as an under the table bike exerciser, but a fully integrated bike desk that just happens to transform your energy and indirectly convert those burned calories into electricity.

The energy generated by your exercising and pedaling at it is enough to generate enough electrical juice to power your computer, charge your phone, and perform other work at the office.

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