Cycling 10 Miles a Day Benefits

Cycling 10 Miles a Day Benefits

To keep in shape, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that everyone get about 160 minutes of moderate exercise each week. That is only 2.5 hours or just over 30 minutes a day, five days a week. The form that the exercise takes is up to you, but generally speaking a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

For aerobic exercise, riding a bicycle may be the best answer. Cycling 10 miles a day benefits the body in more than one way and can be completed in just over a half-hour depending on the conditions. And it prevents chronic disease. What follows are the reasons why you should consider cycling 10 miles five days a week.

Less Time

The 30 to 40 minutes a day you spend riding 10 miles on your bike provides benefits that take longer if you jog or engage in many other traditional aerobic workouts. This is because you are working more than just the muscles in your body. Plus, you can break up the 10 miles into two 5-mile treks such as your morning and afternoon commute.

Improved Cardio Workout

When riding your bike, your leg muscles are in constant motion which provides an excellent cardio workout. Plus, when you are riding on bike trails or the street, the muscles in your shoulders and torso are helping to keep you balanced. This means that you get a strong, overall workout that is one of the best to improve your cardio system.

Low Impact

Arguably the best reason why cycling should be your aerobic exercise of choice is the low impact it has on your ankles, knees, hips, back, and other joints in the body. Compared to jogging, bicycling has a minimal impact on the feet. This means that you get the benefits of exercise without the wear and tear on your body which leads to injury and losing interest in exercising.

More Miles, More Weight Loss

While it is true that the predominant factor in losing weight is your diet and not exercise, the more you ride, the more calories you burn. When combined with an effective diet, the benefits of riding will enhance your efforts to lose excess weight. This is especially true if you consume more protein which the muscles use to build and grow strong.

Get Out and Enjoy

Unlike exercising inside, you can choose where you want to go on your bike. That means you can explore different trails or take new routes. By mixing up where you go, you can keep your exercise interesting and enjoyable which only makes you look forward to the next day. Cycling is not just exercise, it’s an adventure that opens up the world.

Understanding the cycling 10 miles a day benefits provides you with a path towards better fitness and better health. You will get the cardio workout you need while reducing the impact on your joints. If you choose bike trails in your community, you can complete the exercise with few stops as opposed to riding on the street. It’s also less risky as well.

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