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Desk Exercise Equipment Rising

Elsa Lam - Desk Bike UserYou know you’re doing wonders for your longevity when you live in a day and age when you can not only bike to work but bike at work. Unlike other forms of desk exercise equipment like treadmill or standing desks, the desk cycle enables you to be sitting and doing your work without much disruptive impact to your body (to the relief of coworkers as well), and lets you work while leisurely sitting and getting those legs pedaling your cardiovascular system into a healthy fit.

As for me, pedaling at work helps me feel enlivened and engaged.
— Elsa Lam

Canadian Architect’s editor, Elsa Lam, kicked her chair habit and moved from a chair to one for an upright stationary bicycle, putting the active in “active workstation.” She started with various configurations and before finding and settling with a desk bike, tried a treadmill desk in its many manifestations and configurations.

Any Exercise is Good Exercise

Elsa Lam - Bicycle DeskTechnically, no matter what and how you do it, almost anything is better for your metabolism than plain sitting—and people have tried to come up with almost every seemingly feasible possibility all the way to one that lets your exercise generate electricity.

Eventually, after years of testing different desk exercise equipment configurations, she settled on a combination desk bicycle that would have been too high a replacement for a regular chair, until she added a monitor and keyboard stand on top of her desk to compensate for the higher elevation using the QuickStand Lite from Humanscale. This combination hit the spot like a Goldilocks porridge.

It worked so well in fact that while she felt she could exercise all day everyday, she hit a wall with what is called saddle sore, the soreness and pain one feels on your bottom from biking for too long.

As such, she hardly hits the ~4 hour maximum recommendation. Just the same that’s hours and hours of exercising, with hundreds of calories burned– all while being able to do office work, saving so much time because she was able to spend it productively at work instead of separately at the gym.


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