Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig Try out the ElliptiGO Elliptical Bike

Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig Try the ElliptiGO

Terry and Heather Dubrow, a.k.a. Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig,” try the ElliptiGO for E!News and just as others before them, they have a unique take on the memorable experience.

Terry starts off saying that “the idea is that it’s low-impact but it’s still high-intensity … running but without all the sort of negative effects of running,” while Heather chimes in with words closer to home and heart for a lot of exercise buffs: “I do ellipticals in the gym, so I’m curious to see how that matches outside of the gym.”

Check out their verdict.

Note: Unfortunately, the video had been taken down by YouTube (needless to say, the verdict was a full recommendation and high marks for the ElliptiGo). For your viewing pleasure, we’re substituting the video with another one, this time from PopSugar Fitness.

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