ElliptiGO 11R

ElliptiGO 11R Elliptical Bike Review – For Serious Trainers

The ElliptiGO 11R is Arguably the Best (But Expensive) Elliptical Road Bicycle

ElliptiGO 11R

You might be asking, “If a stand-up bike is that much more fun and gives you that much additional exercise in general than a regular cycle, wouldn’t the most expensive model in the bunch do even better and be the superior deal?” If that’s you, then you’re the type that equates quality to price, and this isn’t always the case. (Thankfully with the 11R, it is. But more on that later below.)

Otherwise, if you’re the type instead to just want the priciest, bestest or mostest of any lot, regardless of cost, then this one’s for you too.

Finally, if you’re the type who just wants something without compromises regardless of the workout it will also give your wallet, then this model of ElliptiGO would be perfect for you.

The ElliptiGO 11R is the top-of-the-line model of the brand’s “long-stride” family of stand up bikes and designed especially for athletes, racing and “ultra-endurance” events. This “running bike” (instead of the usual fare that you ride) is the lightest and arguably the most capable elliptical bike on the planet and sports carbon-fiber drive arms and a whopping 11 levels of resistance.

Review and Benefits of a New Kind of Elliptical Exercise Machine

The benefits of elliptical machines are well known. However, until recently, these have always referred to the ones in the gym. And those machines are boring. (There are even studies supporting this.)

Not anymore. Upright elliptical bikes, also know as a stand up bike and also a running bike because the rider runs instead of ride the bike, have been gaining popularity in recent years.

Instead of sitting and riding a bike outdoors or sitting and riding an elliptical machine in the gym, ElliptiGO combined both into a wonder category that is more than the sum of its parts, and never looked back, in no small way because it simply works. And it’s a unique experience.

While it started and continues to be immensely popular with owners of diverse demographics, the 11R is intended for the athletes, racing and intense competition, with a price-tag to match.

ElliptiGO 11R - Profile View
ElliptiGO 11R – Profile View


The ElliptiGO 11R operates optimally at flat or hilly riding terrain, with a cruising speed of 15 mph (24 kph) and able to do a fast, “sprint speed” of more than 23 mph (37+ kph).

From flat plains to steep hills up to a 30% grade, it is similar to other models of the brand (except only for the 3C which has a 5% grade due to lesser gear levels). This means it can climb any hill any road bike can climb, yet is comfortable and delivers an incredible workout at the same time.

It has 11 different levels of resistance for an over-409% resistance range, which is approximately a 14% average gear step (or difference) between ranges.

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The ElliptiGO 11R uses carbon fiber drive arms that reduce weight and road vibration to give its rider the smoothest ride on the road. It has the company’s patented Elliptidrive technology on a 7005-T6 aluminum frame and custom forged aluminum cranks, Ergon GC3 multi-position grips and Avid Single Digit 7 linear pull rim front and rear brakes.

ElliptiGO 11R - Drivetrain
ElliptiGO 11R – Drivetrain

It has an 11-speed internal-gear Shimano hub, roto-lock safety technology in its steering column and a forged aluminum, anti-rotation indexing steering extender with a dual leg, forged aluminum kickstand and aluminum MTB riser bar for its handlebar as well as a 120mm x 7-degree forged aluminum stem and a Shimano Alfine SL-S700 trigger shifter.

Its front wheel is made of a 20″ aluminum aero profile rim (with 28 spokes), while its rear wheel is a similar 20″ aluminum arero profile rim but with a hardier, 32-spokes; and using a 52-tooth, 130 BCD, 6061 – T6 aluminum chainring. Both use a Kenda Kwest 20″ x 1.5″ 60 TPI, 100-psi tires.

ElliptiGO - Fun Ride


The ElliptiGO 11R is the most portable unit of the brand. While they are all generally larger than bicycles, the 11R has foldable steering column, which means you can’t compress it to fit into a matchbox, but does make it the most portable elliptical there is.

Its foldable steering column allows for easy placement inside most cars or easy placement on a rack outside. In fact, for many makes of automobiles, you don’t even need to remove the wheel and can just lay it down on its side with the back seats laying down.

You can also bring it on most airlines, although most would also require you to check it via a bike box. It ships in a box that is 69x17x13, and would, therefore be the minimum storage area for any box you use.

Best of all, any adult would be able to load and unload the unit without any physical problem, or any handling and loading issues.

Who It’s For

The ElliptiGO 11R is useful for a wide range of users. It’s for the casual user who wishes to have all the features in an elliptical bike, as well as those wishing to add a boost of fun for their training regime.

Not that you need a reason to enjoy the fun of an elliptical bike, but while it can be used by just about anyone, people with health and anatomical issues would find a more acute reason to use them. Seniors would feel right at home as well. Injured athletes or people with foot, knee, joint, hip and other problems see this as golden opportunity to get fit again.

Many owners have reported using it for cross-training and to boost competitive (running and otherwise) performance overall, directly translating to helping them reach their most competitive goals, as well as help in their training towards making landmark achievements in their sport.

Even runners use it to up their running and long-distance games, beating their personal and competitive best times, including using the machine to train for various marathons.

Able to meet the needs of most peoples’ heights, and with a weight maximum of 250 lbs or less (ideal rating), this elliptical machine’s target is far, wide and deep, and appears made for each of them, and all of them at the same time.

ElliptiGO Elliptical Bike
ElliptiGO Elliptical Bike

Combo 2-in1 Elliptical Bikes

People can enjoy it for the sheer dual-bliss of a great exercise routine while concurrently having a fun ride, and people with physical problems not only can enjoy it more but actually find a need to use it more than any other fitness product. It even folds well and easily for good portability and with ease by practically any user.

While specialized machines such as an under desk bike allow for the most flexibility inside your home or office since they allow their users to exercise while they’re concurrently doing other (desk) work, the elliptical cycles enable its users the ability to exercise regardless of where they are, indoor or outside. You can use it outdoors, or as a full-on exercise trainer indoor. A quality hardly any other machine can claim.

Elliptical bike fun with groups
Elliptical bike fun with groups

Difference to Other Models

The EllliptiGO 11R has all the features of its siblings in the “long-stride” line, including a one-size-fits-all architecture, balanced muscle activation, indoor/outdoor training, low-impact exercise, great visibility for enhanced safety, ideal usage for long distance rides, and many others.

Unlike its siblings in the line, it has a foldable steering column which goes a long way toward portability and the ability to enjoy the machine in farther-flung places or for trips out of town. That means this model is best for taking with you on trips practically anywhere, even those that require a plane ride.

But it is built especially for more intense rides, particularly for high endurance workouts, long-distance rides, and athletic training. And its carbon-fiber drive arms make it much lighter, stronger, and not only provides a smoother ride, but a more comfortable ride regardless of location and ride duration.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the ElliptiGO 11R


  • Has all the benefits and advantages of all other elliptical bicycles in the family, and adds more
  • Indoor/Outdoor capable. Works optimally as an outdoor stand-up bike, and just as well indoors as an elliptical trainer
  • Made for performance. While it works very well for the casual user, this model is made for intense use such as athletic training and competition
  • 11-speed. 11-level resistance gear hub.
  • Most advanced elliptical bicycle. Of the brand, and arguably the world’s
  • Portable. Includes a foldable steering column, which helps to fit it inside a car, or even easier placement on a rack outside.
  • Internal gear hub. Makes for better and easier maintenance
  • Relatively little assembly required. Some users swear by how it takes them longer to unbox it than assemble
  • Light. Its carbon-fiber drive arm reduces weight and results in a smoother ride
  • Adjustable. Bar-end extensions can be adjusted according to your preferences, conditional requirements, riding position, terrain, inclines (sprinting on flat roads or cruising descents downhill)
  • Customizable. Trick your ride with ElliptiGO-specific accessories while being compatible with traditional bike accessories as well


  • Rated to a maximum 250 lbs load. This means it can carry just about anyone of any weight and structure but still limited for a model intended for heavy and athletic use and performance.
  • Most expensive model of the family
  • Not ideal for the extreme and rare cases of people of certain and heavy back issues as it puts the rider on a forward bend position at the waist.

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While all models in the ElliptiGO family (and elliptical bicycles in general) are made for the general public, the ElliptiGO 11R is made for performance, features and for users who have more intense workouts than usual, but still achieving the same level of fun one can expect from such a product.

Casual users, sports trainers, fitness enthusiasts, gym users who want to exercise outside, people with injuries or other physical problems, you name it. It’s great for general use, and this model is perfect for athletic training. And it really shines for people with injuries, back and other problems, as well as those with physical impediments that prevent them from certain outdoor or physical activity.

In fact, many people are fanatical of their elliptical cycles stating it’s the best investment they’ve made and that they don’t intend going back to riding regular bicycles again.

And because you can use it indoor or out, it has a level of flexibility hardly any other machine can match.

Whether you’re intending to use it for a fun ride with the best features in an elliptical bike or seeking epic endurance rides, this lightweight machine delivers the power, performance and fitness expectations buyers have in a vehicle that provides the most fun workouts as well.

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