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ElliptiGO 3C Long-Stride Elliptical Cycle Review

The ElliptiGO 3C is the company’s entry-level “long-stride” elliptical bike. That means “cheap” in regular parlance. But only the cheapest in the family and not at all actually cheap in the grand scheme of things because it’s still expensive. But deservedly so, as you’ll see why shortly. Definitely not cheap in the sense of being devoid of quality, performance and delivering on the expected benefits. It is made for providing fun and a good cardio workout on flat terrain or gently inclined roadways on hills and mountains.

ElliptiGO 3CThat is not to mean it is in any way made of cheap material. On the contrary, all ElliptiGO units would be considered top-of-class if compared for quality to other bicycle brands.

Among its brethren, the 3C has the lowest cost. It comes with 3 gears and allows its rider a smooth comfortable ride or, if preferred, a more active pace all the way to 25 mph.

Who It’s For

This ElliptiGO 3C is meant for the rider who intends to go for further distances and is more budget-conscious (or challenged). It may be touted as the entry-level machine of the company but contains everything one would expect or want for an elliptical bike.

When you buy the lowest-costing Ferrari model, it still won’t mean it’ll be cheap, it will still be a Ferrari.

ElliptiGO’s build, material quality, and overall branding are clear in all its models, visually, emotionally and in all the way it rides. The 3C gets you all the way there.

It is also for the user who wants the flexibility to use the machine for a (standing, running) bike outside, or an exercise trainer indoors.

ElliptiGO 3C Performance

While the “long-stride” architecture of the 3C from Precor makes for a more enjoyable riding experience (compared to the Arc for example, that is more biased towards working out), it provides a durable design that gives its user a great amount of control and the ability to squeeze every bit of performance out of it with relative ease.

On regular roads, you’re able to cruise along without being conscious about working its mechanism to propel yourself forward, and instead, keep your attention on the view and enjoying the experience.


The ElliptoGO 3C is intended for use in relatively flat, open terrain. It can go up gently rolling hills with ease with 3 gears, perfect for most uses, although not ideal for steeper terrain like the company’s other models that sport up to 11 gear selections.

Intended for use outdoor, you can switch from faster treks on the road, or also use the same pathways and corridors that you walk, jog or bike on.

ElliptiGO is Out of this World
ElliptiGO – Out of this World

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Pros and Cons of the ElliptiGO 3C


  • Location agnostic. Can be used for a good ride outside, or as an elliptical training inside the home.
  • Low-impact. Easy on the feet, hips, knees and other parts of the body without the wear and tear. You get the benefits of a thorough workout without the damage and stress to your feet, ankles, knees, joints and hips normally associated with them
  • Lowest price in the line. The 3C allows you to gain all the benefits at the least amount of investment
  • Long-stride model. Makes for a more enjoyable ride
  • Feels Natural. It has a running-like feeling of use, and you ride this bike standing and running. It’s unique and doesn’t get old at all
  • Multiple stride-length settings (stride motion). Adjustable from 16″ to 25″ strides, it allows you to vary your range of motion to your desired or optimal level.
  • Three-speed internal hub (gears). Provides you enough resistance choices to match your terrain. It isn’t as much as the other models in its family, but this is more than enough for most uses.
    Good for longer distance rides. Easy on the strides, you’ll have a lot of fun; so much so that you may be in for many surprises how far you’ve gotten.
  • Great cardio. Burns a third (33%) more calories than a regular bike
  • Efficient. Burn more calories at the same (or even less) time
  • Fun. A lot more enjoyable to ride and interact with conditions (especially outdoors) than a boring day at the gym, or an elliptical machine at home.
  • Weight-bearing. This means that without having to use dumbbells, and unlike other exercises that don’t involve weights (gym or otherwise) and just make you sweat the limit yourself to a cardio program, using these machines is like (lifting) bearing weights and therefore helps improve bone density, burn calories and pushes your heart rate up healthily.
  • Full-body workout. Because of its standing position of movement, it engages not just your legs and lower extremities, but also your upper body directly; something regular bikes can’t do outside of the pain in the butt you’d expect from riding too long.
  • Inclusive. For practically all (adult) types of users. Accommodates riders 4’10” in height comfortably to those 6’10” tall. Works great for perfectly fit athletes as well as those with injuries or body issues.
  • Comfortable. While exercising may seem conflicting to working out, being comfortable not only adds to your enjoyment to the routine, but enables you to psychologically enforce the fun of the ride with a maximization of the exercise benefits you’ll also get
  • Long foot platform (big pedals). Allows you to find that perfect fit by adjusting foot placement on the fly, and allows you to choose the best foot positioning whether you’re going for a casual ride or one based on performance
  • Easy assembly. Take it out of the box, install the front wheel, make a few adjustments, and you’re good to go.
  • Superb customer service. Support staff respond quickly and are very helpful. Even those who purchase their machines from a dealer appreciate the level of support the dealers are provided when someone requires uncommon fixes, parts or accessories.


  • Still relatively expensive for the budget conscious. (Though well worth the cost. Many owners buy more units after they try owning one)
  • While the 3 gears are enough for most uses, it can be limiting if you’re riding on much steeper hills or just want all the bells and whistles, or the wish to have everything like the flexibility to do anything without limits for a future ride.

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Seriously, even the two “cons” above are a stretch, as you may have noticed. Outside of cost (which isn’t that big a problem for most users, especially with the company’s financing options or any financing option you can charge to a card (if you purchase online, for example)).

If there’s one thing insurmountable for a ride on the ElliptiGO 3C however, it is the many “pros” (noted above and more besides that aren’t even listed) one can enjoy owning such an elliptical cycling wonder.


The ElliptiGO 3C Elliptical Cycle provides the most value for long-stride bikes intended for longer road trips. It doesn’t have the extra comforts and benefits of the 8C or 11R (read our review introduction here) but more than compensates for it in its lower cost, and what features it has are still more than enough for most users. If it fits the budget, users will be happy to know they have the best “pound-for-pound” model.

It’s a great alternative to standard desk bikes and another great product of technology that seamlessly combines two concepts (biking and an exercise trainer) into a cohesive elliptical bike that screams of enjoyment.

For regular users, you’ll find everything you need, packed into a single package. And even athletes swear by (not at) it, citing how it’s the most fun anyone could ever have training for any sport.

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