ElliptiGO 8C - The Best Seller

ElliptiGO 8C – Bestselling Elliptical Bike Review

The Bestselling ElliptiGO 8C Elliptical Bicycle

If there was ever a Goldilocks of the elliptical stand-up outdoor bikes, this model would be it. More than just have middle-of-the-road inclinations, it’s not sparse for features, nor too fat (pardon the pun) with them. Goldilocks herself would have happily chosen this model with the approval of the three bears who unfortunately may not really enjoy the fact that she used theirs without their permission again.

The ElliptiGO 8C is the most popular model of ElliptiGO’s long-stride line, striking the perfect balance between cost and performance (including features).

Whereas the 3C model of its stride class is meant for the more budget conscious, and the 11R is on the opposite end of the spectrum being the most expensive of the siblings, the 8C is the Goldilocks of the bunch– neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but just right– perfectly hitting the balance between price and features, and making consistently happy owners.

The ElliptiGO 8C, like its name implies, has 8-settings in its gear. This means it is far more flexible on its rider’s choice of terrain due to the wider gear range.

What’s more, it can be used indoor or outdoor, consistent with other models in its stride classification, so you can enjoy an easy cruise outside with its floating, running-like motion. Or, if the weather or your mood dictates, you can choose to hammer a puff indoor instead.

Its versatility doesn’t end there. While it delivers an incredible workout regardless of where you use it, the ElliptiGO 8C is perfect, whether for a casual jaunt outdoor or as a trainer even for professional athletes and fitness buffs.

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In fact, a lot of pro athletes use it as part of their training regimen.

It’s big and tall, and because the riders are standing and running, can still get quite the attention (whether you find that to be a good thing or not) even after the product being around for several years.

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Regardless, owners report the great health mileage they derive from the use of the machine, where 50-and-60-somethings also having the time of their lives using it, with people constantly asking them in envy where they can also get one. The number of dealers carrying the brand are growing, but thankfully it’s easily available online.

Whereas the 3C model provided the most value (due to its lower price), the ElliptiGO 8C model holds the title of delivering the best bang for the buck. It’s no surprise that this model is the brand’s most popular.

ElliptiGO Fitness
Feeling taller than the biking masses. (Photo courtesy of ElliptiGO)

Fun Factor

The ElliptiGO 8C is, like its siblings in the family, a “standing” bike, because the rider is upright and makes a running motion on its foot platforms to move the bike instead of ride and pedal like the usual. Owners consistently report having more fun than you’d ever have training for any sport and being perfect for users with hip, knee or other medical issues or injuries.

While practically all elliptical bikes are reportedly far more fun to use than standard bikes, “compact-stride” models are intended for a more intense exercise. While the “long-stride” models like this model strike the perfect mix for fitness and happy endorphins, it gets extra points for the fun and enjoyment factors overall as users are constantly ecstatic in using them.

Fitness Factor

Indoor or outdoor, if you wish to use have a machine with the versatility to do both, you need to look no further than this elliptical cycle as a fitness apparatus.

Not only will it give you a general full-body workout, but it is also weight-bearing, which means using it can work your muscles the way you would if you carry weights.

Pro athletes use it, fitness buffs use it, either as a full-on primary exercise device or as part of a very intense training program.

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Use for Mobility Challenged and Those with Health Issues

The ElliptiGO 8C is perfectly fit so users can get amplified performance from any elliptical bike or trainer. But it’s just as good (and even far more appreciated by) people with health issues that prevent them from using regular equipment like bikes. In these latter cases, they severely need to use these machines.

That is, while elliptical bikes in general work for just about anyone regardless of physical condition, they are especially great for people who have hip, feet, ankle, knee, joint or other medical or physical condition.

Because of this, many users who couldn’t use bikes and are limited to many activities are now able to breeze around as well as anyone using their elliptical bicycles.

Due to this superlative balance of cost and performance, the ElliptiGO 8C aims to be the go-to machine for casual users, hard-core trainers, and also for people suffering from physical issues or injuries.


Imagine having all the benefits of a bicycle and the distinct advantages of an exerciser, then combine it all in a new category of machine, yet find that such a combination isn’t just a sum of its parts but actually yields a lot more performance, features, and newfangled abilities you didn’t expect.

That’s what it’s like for users of elliptical bikes, and the ElliptiGO 8C is considered to be arguably among the best there is overall. Based on available reference, we wholeheartedly agree.

Additionally, rain or shine, indoor or outdoor, you can use your device whenever you like, as it conforms to whatever location or condition you set or are at.

You can also use it for a fun cruise in the neighborhood, a long-range trip to the mountains, or join a training group for intensive rounds of practice.

It’s a kind of flexibility unparalleled in the realm of biking, fitness, or both.

ElliptiGO Carrier
ElliptiGO with Carrier (Photo by SportAttack.net)

Pros and Cons of the ElliptiGO 8C


  • All the general benefits of a “long-stride” elliptical cycle like the 3C, plus more
  • Provides a full range of motion
  • Adjustable to the height and comfort of its rider. It’s simple, quick-release lever called a Telescopic steering column make sit easy to adjust
  • Customizable. While there are ElliptiGO-specific accessories to trick out one’s machine, owners have the added benefit of being able to use those for standard bikes.
  • Ergonomic. Not only are you able to save your neck, spine, back and bum from the issues connected with riding bikes for long stretches, but with an elliptical bike and its upright riding orientation, it’s a level of riding ergonomically that other types of rides just don’t have. Add to that details like ergonomic adjustable bar-end extensions, and now the flexibility it affords you in being able to adjust your riding position on-the-fly is the envy of bike owners everywhere. It gets even better when you actually try it.
  • 8-Speed hub. Its 8 internal gears provide a wide range of resistance levels and effort control for the most enjoyable ride on flat terrain all the way to conquering the steepest hills. What’s more, this larger quantity of gears also helps reduce maintenance requirements.
  • Indoor and Outdoor. Like having two machines in one, you can use it as a strict exercise trainer inside your house (or office) while being able to ride it outside whenever you want.
  • A hard workout that’s easy on the joints and body parts. That just never gets old.
    You get the benefits of a full-body weight-bearing workout, good cardio (and leg) routine in less time.


  • More pricey than the 3C
  • Storage. Does not fit in standard racks (especially for vehicles). Requires separate purchases for rack options for trunk, roof and hitch racks.
  • Can feel strange to some people at first, especially those accustomed to bike riding
  • Noisier than a bike
  • The steering column does not fold

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The Difference from Other Models

Compared to the Arc, this model is more of a stretched stride, using swimming-like elongated motion compared to the Arc’s circular motion that works more like an elliptical exercise machine in the gym.

The Arc (compact stride) isolates your quad (quadricep) muscles while the ElliptiGO 8C and “long-stride” bikes cover your entire body, utilizing longer cycles and more leg muscles due to stride difference. The long-stride machines are heavier but ride more comfortably.

Compared to other models in the “long-stride” family, this model is even more suitable for longer-distance rides, and also better support for dual-uses, indoor or outdoor.

Unlike its highest-end sibling the 11R (which is intended more as a sports and pro athlete trainer), its steering column isn’t foldable for easier storage. But this isn’t available in other similar or lower-end models anyway, so it’s more of a nitpick than a functional requirement, and definitely far from being a deal breaker.

ElliptiGO -Yellow

Compared to other types of exercise bikes— particularly those of the under-desk variety– the ElliptiGO line provides a large array of use-cases, models and versatility, especially places you can bring and use them, without being hindered by limitations of only being able to use them either “only indoor” or “only outdoors”, and instead allows you to do any of them whenever you want.

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The veritable ability to be able to go anywhere, under any condition, in any weather, indoor or outdoor, for leisure or a hard workout; for short distances or those beyond 100 miles; and a host of other conditions, marks the ElliptiGO 8C like an all-in-one wonder Goldilocks-bliss machine that the only point you have to regret is why you didn’t buy one sooner.

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