Knee Pain - Is Biking Good for It?

Is Cycling Good For Runner’s Knee?

If you have been around people who are runners, you have likely heard the term runners knee. However, the fact is that runners knee doesn’t just affect runners and is not associated with one cause, but rather is brought on by a number of different causes. Runners knee is pain around the knee cap or patella and it may be cause by:

  • Overuse- If you run several times a week, on rugged terrain or partake in any exercise that continually strains or abuses the area around your knee you may suffer from runners knee.
  • Improperly Aligned Bones- If any of the bones from your ankle to your hip are out of correct alignment it can cause you to walk abnormally putting excess strain on your knees and your kneecaps.
  • Any Disorder that Stresses Your Knee Cap- Any type of disorder that stresses your knee cap can result in runners knee.
  • Any Activity that Causes Sudden Starts and Stops or Causes You to Twist Your Knee Suddenly.

If you are suffering from runners knee then you know that you find some exercise that will be easier on your knee. So you may be asking yourself Is cycling good for runners knee?

Once your runners knee has started to heal and the pain has lessened then it is important to exercise the knee in order to retain mobility choosing a low impact exercise such as cycling can keep the knee mobile while allowing your knee time to recover.

It is recommended that you may be wise to combine cycling with another low impact exercise such as swimming in order to keep exercising and giving your knee a chance to fully recovery.

Is biking good for knee pain?
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Take it Slow and Easy

Changing from running or other high impact activity to cycling to ease the pain of runners knee you still need to take easy and not overdue. Ride the bike for shorter periods of time and stop when you start feeling any pain. You may want to start out riding a stationary or recumbent bike before turning to outdoor biking just to build up your muscles and get use to the change in exercise.

Cycling is good for runners knees because cycling is not a high impact form of exercise and it doesn’t result in excess flexing of the knees or sudden starts and stops.

In addition cycling strengthens your quadriceps and hamstrings, which both support your knee caps. Helping to heal any knee injury you have and preventing new injury from occurring.

Just because those knee joints have weakened from too much running or other activities that doesn’t mean that you can’t still exercise cycling is good for people who are suffering from runners knee as long as you keep in mind that you do need to take your cycling in moderation or alternate it with another low impact exercise to keep your knee in the best possible shape both while it is healing and once it recovers.

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