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Office Exercises

Office Exercises

Keeping healthy and fit aren’t a matter of scheduled treks to the gym anymore. Today, there are routines as well as equipment that enable you to exercise from anywhere– such as from your house or at the office– with the added option of being able to do your home routines while reading or watching television, or do office exercise while working at your desk as well.

office exercises
Image from Nyhamna Welfare

Exercise for the Office

There are many exercises you can do at the office, from the ones you try at an empty conference room, say, to exercises you can simply do on your chair at your cubicle or desk, within earshot of your coworkers. Some of these even give you a workout without breaking much of a sweat, literally. That way, you won’t have to worry much about not only

Pedal Exercisers : Would you Bike at Your Desk?

A popular trend these days involve either a standing desk or a treadmill desk- the latter being basically a standing desk with a treadmill underneath it. These are fine except that they suffer from a couple of issues.

Let’s examine these two devices and look at their viability for your own use at work or at home.

  • First, the standing desk. This is better than sitting all day. Except that it really isn’t that much better. That’s because you’re still stationary. And with your legs getting tired, you’re getting stress and only earn yourself more varicose veins than you intended. The key to this is actually movement. Activity.The benefits you get from exercising at the office is the blood flow and all other nice things that come with exercise: fitness, health, better concentration, better productivity, endorphins, becoming happier, all that and more besides. But you need to move.The only exercise you should do without moving are the mental ones, and we all know how stressful that can be too, and how that’s a different kind of exercise altogether.
  • Secondly, the treadmill desk. This can be encapsulated into three of factors: noise/disruption, impact that gets in the way of your work, and bulkiness.
    • Nose and disruption are a major factor because well, you can exercise all you want but your coworkers aren’t necessarily going to like it, with all that disruptive noise from the machine (or you using it), not to mention the distraction hampering their own work habits
    • Impact and movement: Basically, try walking (in place or forward) and see how you can write, work or use your computer at the same time. You might be dexterous enough to walk while using your mobile device, but to do actual work, it’s a hard sell. Bouncing up and down even on a slow walk makes it difficult to write, type or do something productive on your desk– let alone at a meeting.
    • Then there’s the matter of size. Standing desks range from large standalone implements to easy foldable add-ons on top of your existing table, the latter of which is not a problem for usability and portability. The normal types however, are a lot more cumbersome and hefty. Standing desks are either large or a chore to disassemble or fold to carry.What’s more, this is a wholly different level with a treadmill desk because on top of the table, the far heavier and larger treadmill throws portability out the window and is the reason why a lot of these things are left unused in many buyers’ homes, let alone at the office.

Compare all that with the ease of setup for most bike desks, and you see where this is going.

Working While Pedaling at Your Desk

Desk bikes are relatively straightforward to assemble once, portable enough to lug around in general cases (or far easier for the smaller foldable under desk exercise cycles), and with low impact and nose levels that allow you to breeze away at exercising and reaping all the benefits of such exercises even with little effort, and especially with more resistance set and higher levels of effort. The thing is, it’s up to you, and you can do this literally all day if you want.

office workout
Image courtesy of DeskCycle

In this way, being able to modulate your sweat levels (and smell), it’s practically a no-brainer.

It is not without its problems, however. There can be mechanical issues, height issues making it difficult to put some of these under the table, and the like. But generally, as far as cost, portability, ease, usability, and overall benefits, a desk cycle is hard to beat.

It seems like the only complaint naysayers have is that for all the exercise you do, you’re still sitting. But that’s the point, you’re still exercising anyway, and this encourages you to do it more often, and you get a lot of similar benefits without the disadvantages of varicose veins or stress from over standing the whole day.

Playing While Biking on Your Chair

One of the many things you can concurrently do on your chair while exercising with a bike pedaling machine (multitasking) is games. That’s practically any game that involves sitting, but free of your legs so you can pedal with them, and have your upper body play. Whether it’s board games, computer games, phone or tablet games, you name it.

Productivity Boost from Improved Cardiovascular Circulation

When you are pedaling at your desk and chair, you exercise with your legs and feet to sweat as much or as little as you want, such as if you don’t want to sweat too much to bother office mates at the office, you pedal more loosely and with less intensity; the reverse if you’re alone at home and want to get that perspiration on. As such this increases blood flow around your cardiovascular system and over time improves circulation and productivity overall.

office workout

Improved Stamina, Strength, Endurance and all the Benefits of Exercise in General

Ultimately, no matter your pace or intensity, when you exercise at your desk and/or on your chair, you’re still exercising. That means it will make you feel better not only physically, but also mentally. And one of the many results of this is better productivity, a better mood, a happier disposition (this is backed by science), and all the benefits of fitness throughout.

The Added Benefit of Allowing You to Be Able to Exercise Even The Whole Day

A bike desk can be a workhorse where, like being in the gym, you can pedal with as much intensity as to have a full 45-minute cardio and workout. But one of its appealing benefits is because you can vary that intensity. You can bring it to medium all the way down to a few bursts of energy here and there, in the span of an hour. Or do that in the span of a few hours.

Or, if you fancied it, you can pedal away in moderation, at whatever pace you’d like, and do it for a few minutes everyday, longer periods at set days during the week, and so on.

The best part is that it’s actually fun to do, and when you get used to it, it becomes seond nature. This opens up a whole new world of possiblities for your fitness. This includes: the ability to exercise the whole day. That means you are able to exercise while you work, such as if you sporadically do it throughout the day, and technically, even if you are pedaling away the whole day while you work at your desk.

Naturally, overdoing anything can’t be good for you, but moderate exercise in the office, whether standing exercises or with props like a desk cycle, enables you to do it as little or as much as you want, even if you do it the entire day.

Exercise at Your Desk at Work

The “bicycle pedals under desk” workout is becoming more popular, and takes the cake with a cardio-boosting pedal under desk exercise unit extravaganza such as the Fitdesk or Deskcycle brands, a sea of a difference from the likes of Lifespan treadmill desks.

The Pedal Exerciser

Cardio at Your Desk

The main purpose of having exercise equipment at your desk is either convenience and the multitasking ability from concurrently being able to exercise while you get some work done, or if in the case of the office, getting a cardio workout anytime of the day, without losing time from your schedule that you’d otherwise have to devote to exercising at the gym, including commuting to and from it.

Office Desk Workouts

There are many useful chair exercises as much as there are great desk exercises, and even more when you put the category one for overall office exercises. Here’s a list of sources:

Exercise While Sitting at Work

While you hardly see specific exercise chairs for the office, you don’t really need a special one for this purpose because as much as there are many ways to keep fit, you do a variety of exercises quickly and smoothly from the ease and confines of your own office chair, and without needing to get out of your cubicle or desk.

Exercise Office Chairs

For those who want to see examples of seating arrangements explicitly intended for fitness buffs who want that specific exercise regimen with a special exercise chair, you’re in luck. That’s because these days, with tehcnology and all other global systems converging, there’s almost an item for whatever quirk, need or wish one could dream of.

Exercise office chairs are no exception. In this there are several to choose from.

workout ball chair
The workout ball chair.

But if the above is any indication, not only do you not need to go to the gym for your daily routine, you don’t really need special chairs either. A chair is a chair no matter how you look at it. While resistance bands and exercise bikes under the desk prove more useful for the extra training they provide, at other times you need go no further than where you already are to do a good exercise regimen at that moment, or all day.

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