Choosing the Best Bike for Your Kid

Buying the Best Bicycle for Your Kid – A Guide

If you’re lucky, your childhood memories are colored by the thrill and sense of freedom of riding a bike in the summertime. Like the spoke and the wheel, childhood and cycling. Whether your child needs a bike for transport or fun, finding the best bike for your kid can make or break their summer fun.

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The Best Bike for Fitness

How to Choose the Best Bike for Fitness

Warmer weather means more time outside and what better way to get in some cardio than by bike? Whether you’re in the mountains or the city, with friends or riding solo, biking is a great way to get exercise and some fresh air. In fact, even on a leisurely ride you can burn around 200

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Bicycle Couple

The Difference in Bike Frames for Men and Women

With so many bikes being made today, it may seem like the differences between men’s and women’s bicycles are hardly noticeable, if they exist at all. In fact, many women ride men’s bikes and prefer it over bicycles made for women. But there are differences that you need to know about before choosing the right

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Bicycle Racing or Workout

How to Measure and Choose a Bike Size

Visiting a bike store means you get to try out the bike before making the purchase. But ordering online means that you have to know the size that works best for you. For many, this can be a difficult decision to make. After all, visiting a store that sells bikes means getting to test them

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Bicycle Guy - Frame Size

The Importance of Selecting the Right Bike Frame Size

Would you wear a shirt to a party that’s two or more times your size? Or a couple sizes smaller? It’s not enough to match your clothes to the occasion, it’s important to wear the right size to begin with. When it comes to bicycles, you may not get the leery eyes of friends or

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