Quality Bicycle Products: A Top 10 List

The truth is, most bicycle products or gadgets are not really necessary to ride but become necessary the more you ride and find yourself in annoying situations. When you break down or just want to maximise your speed, gadgets make life easier and more interesting and enjoyable.

We’ve chosen the products that make your ride easier and safer. There’s a huge debate around bicycle mirrors, so check out our article on that. So let’s dive into our pick for the top ten, quality bicycle products.

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1. Bicycle baskets

Any bicycle basket is a massive investment that majorly increases the carrying capacity of your bike and enables you to cycle to work or the shops comfortably.

Depending on your size preference, we’d recommend Biria’s pizza basket, available at

 Biria.com or the trolley tote which can be purchased from amazon. Both are easily detachable allowing for smooth rides when you don’t need a basket. Both are also cool because they have telescopic handles, allowing them to double up as trolley baskets when you’re at a market or the store so you can ditch the plastic and help save the world while you shop! A handlebar bag will offer more protection because you can zip it closed, but it won’t offer as much storage space as the 25L trolley tote.

2. Bottle holder

Staying hydrated is really important but bringing a bottle with you doesn’t have to be a pain.

The Portland Design Works Bar-Ista (available on Amazon for $17 or  straight from the horse’s mouth on PDW’s website) is so much more than a standard bottle holder. Designed primarily for holding hot beverages, it allows you to pick up a coffee on the go with confidence. Stop worrying about spills and splashes with the stainless steel grip that won’t fail you. It’s also perfect for a bottle and as it’s attached to the handlebar, it’s convenient to grab a sip at a quick stop.

3. Bicycle bells

A good bicycle bell can be an absolute lifesaver, helping you and those around you stay safer.

If you want a bell that’s easy to install and comes in so many cute styles and designs, check out Elektra and their 52 cool bells to suit every taste.

4. Inflator pump

It’s always a good idea to check out your tire pressure before setting out on a journey. Especially if you’re going on a long ride, the last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the north circular with a dead phone and only 15 minutes to get to work.

The JoeBlow Dualie, available at Topeak or amazon, is crazily accurate and perfect for fat tyres 

But won’t help for skinny road tyres over 75psi. It might feel like a squeeze at $55 but it’s really long lasting and durable.

The Birzman Velocity with gauge mini bike pump, birzman.com, is small enough to fit into your pocket, and comes with a clip to clasp onto your frame so that it won’t fall out your pocket or be left at home when you’ll need it most. It gets up to 90psi relatively easily and is a real lifesaver for those stuck at the side of the road.

5. Fenders

If you want to stay dry and keep your bike clean as well as increase the lifetime of your components, then you want a good fender. Plastic fenders are a business to remove and don’t last very long whereas metal fenders may be a pain to install, but will help when rain starts suddenly and will last longer. The SKS fenders ( competitivecyclist ) will help you, your clothes and your bike stay dry.

6. Tubeless tyre repair kits

While tubeless tyres are revolutionizing the world of biking, fixing a puncture in one can seem like an impossible task.That where Stan’s no tubes comes in with a range of sealants and dart tools that apply easily and react with the latex on the tyres to seal the hole and add months to a tyre’s lifespan. A good dart tool is small and can be carried around easily in case of emergencies.

7. The essential kit

Men’s society presents the bike rider’s essential kit. Containing a waterproof poncho and reflective trouser clips, which are absolute essentials for a cyclist, it also comes with a few thoughtful lotions such as chaffing cream and a muscle rubber to soothe and invigorate yourself after a long ride. Coming in a stylish, compact metal box, you can carry it wherever you go, bringing the benefits on the road.

8. Ellipse

There are a myriad of smart bike products on the market today, from performance tracking apps, to laser light beams, sat navs and danger indicators, but ellipse smart bike lock makes the jump from luxury to necessity. Not only unbreakable, ellipse alerts you when it’s being tampered with and functions as an alert to your emergency contacts in case of a crash. It’s opened by being in close proximity to your phone or a code if your phone is unavailable or you want to lend you bike out. It’s solar powered so you never need to charge it.

Looking for more smart bike products? Check out travel me away’s list of cool smart gadgets

9. Bike lights

While we’re on the subject of laser bike lights, there are a range of bike lights on the market, from clip on, to humorous and high tech.

The evencycles laser light projects a green bike ahead of you so that pedestrians and cars can spot you easily.

10. Phone mount

Who needs a bike computer when we all own supercomputers that fit in the palm of our hands, are customised to us and come with us wherever we go, whether we have a bike computer or not? But riding with a phone can be precarious, which is why a good phone mount is so important. The Rokform is our pick of the best phone mount on the market in 2020.

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