Raniaco Wireless Bicycle Multi-Function Computer (Speedometer, Odometer, and More)

Humans are a curious lot. We want to know everything. It isn’t so much about measuring things and getting a mountain of data as much as about the information they provide and gaining knowledge in the process. For example, modern technology now gives us wrist devices that measure our heart rate, how much calories you’ve burned, or how many miles you’ve traveled. And it’s great to know these things rather than going about your day randomly making wild guesses about your progress.

Now you can bring such precision as well as knowledge in your fitness and biking routine: A modern bicycle computer that includes a speedometer and odometer to make various measurements of your cycling activities like a boss. Things like speed (max speed, average speed, traffic speed), distance, and running time, then shows the data it in a digital LCD display with a backlight that can be set in either green or white color.

It’s more than just another bike accessory and keeps precise records of minimum and maximum speeds, and more besides. It is wireless and waterproof, made of a durable and convenient form factor, and runs on a 12V/CR2032 battery (included) in an 83gram apparatus measuring 56mm x 41mm x 20mm.

Overall, riding a bike is a reward in itself, whether your goal is for fun, fitness, or to simply get it to do what it was invented for: get you someplace. But having information about various elements about your ride adds a dimension to your activity in a way that is a difference between feeling how you’re doing and explicitly knowing it, backed by empirical data no less.

Not a Speedometer, a Bike Computer

Raniaco markets this unit as a bike computer (in a way you might refer to your Apple Watch or Fitbit as a wrist computer) that goes above and beyond what one would normally buy it for– as a speedometer with all the perks. And it’s spot on in framing it this way because it does a lot of things with flair.

This device may not turn your bike into Optimus Prime’s cousin, but it’s one of the closest ways you can get to a data-driven bike-riding bliss of an experience. Maybe one of the closest things to Tony Stark’s Jarvis telling you that today’s huffing and puffing is only burning half of last Monday’s calories.

Ranaico Bicycle Computer - Multifunction
Photo from Raniaco

Essentially it works as advertised, relatively easy to install and operate: The instructions are clear enough that it is worth reading them thoroughly (if quickly) when you get started, so you can set it up in several minutes without too much of a fuss. What’s more, taking the extra time to learn it and set it up is well worth the effort because it is capable of a lot of things and even more capable of making you happier if you took the time out to bring out its ability to shine.

Ranaico Bicycle Computer - Day and Night
Photo from Raniaco

You can also set the computer for the size of your tires using the chart on the kit. Make sure you have your correct tire size info for calibration, and you should be well on your way without the frustration of others who may have been too excited to realize that to get the best of any product like this, you need to set it correctly.

It is wireless, waterproof, easy to set-up while easy to use, and fairly accurate, with most of the options you’d expect and want included. The bright green of the LED monitor allows you to see the display on the road in the dark.

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Ranaico Bicycle Computer - Waterproof
Photo from Raniaco

A reported issue noted by a few users is that with the volume of product the company moves, there are sure to be sporadic misfires and reports of minor issues (like an insufficient manual or small typefaces and such, which the company has addressed in recent updates). Otherwise, it’s a solid product that users swear by (not at).

This would work great with other tools and accessories like a universal phone mount for your bike, but otherwise, with or without additional devices, this unit adds information, knowledge and a kind of depth making not just for a better biking experience, but one that enhances your pleasure and ride overall.

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Owner’s Manual for the Raniaco Bike Computer

The RaniaCo cycling computer is very similar to other brands of bike computer; and in fact look exactly the same and operate the same way save only the brand names placed onto t hem. This is perhaps due to its OEM nature where the originating source (supplier) is the same for these different brands.

There is scarcely an available source for an explicit Raniaco owner’s manual available online, if you’re searching for one, use a generic-ized version (perhaps from the OEM manufacturer though we haven’t confirmed or corroborated this from the source) of the PDF shown (and linked) below. 

RaniaCo Bike Computer Manual

Whether you’re wanting to use the Raniaco model 546c or other, similar models (including from other brands that use a similar OEM source), use the manual below (PDF).

Bike Computer Owner’s Manual for Raniaco, Sunding and SImilar OEM Brands
Raniaco Bike Computer Owner's Manual

Check out the video below as well.

If you’re looking to purchase, check it out from Amazon: Raniaco Original Wireless Bicycle Computer


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  1. The instructions tell you how to set it up, but nothing tells you how it works! Start ride button? Where’s the back light button?

  2. clock works, speed is correct. I travel one mile, odometer says .6 max speed 96 miles an hour. What is wrong or hooked wrong?


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