Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

A few dollars of prevention will save your precious phone (and your sanity) from getting dropped, lost or broken.

For bike users, this is doubly important. The Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount for motorcycles and bicycles is your co-pilot for such activities and adventures.


Able to secure any modern and popular, even large, smartphones, as well able fit any general handlebar for just about any make and model bike (even motorcycles), this bike phone mount has a secure grip, large clamp and made of premium grade hard plastic material to keep it durable and resist breaking. It has a secure plastic grip with a silicon net to secure each corner of your device snugly, in a manner that is different from the usual mounts, and able to provide an extra grip for your mobile device.

Let me tell you why.

A Phone Mount for Your Bike Starts with the Phone

People can’t live without their phones no matter what they’re doing. Even when we’re swimming, running, exercising or sleeping, our phones are attached to us, either in our pockets or somewhere within immediate reach. We really are early cyborgs.

During sports activities, special containers and holders are required to keep your precious phone from suffering a scratch, let alone getting broken.

Biking is no exception, and is in fact, one of those activities that require more circumspect attention to securing our new best friends (that would be our phones; sorry Fido).

Therefore, you don’t just need a holder, but a good one.

As you might expect, there is a plethora of phone mounts for bicycles (both of the indoor– for exercising– and outdoor variety), ranging from the cheap rickety contraptions that seem to be manufactured from some backward shack by enslaved rats, to the exquisite and polished, yet rugged gems that keep your precious beloved phone safe and even make them look good.

Roam Bike Phome Mount Clamp Fits Various SizesThe Roam universal premium bike phone mount falls into the latter category and is perfect for any bike user, securely mounting your device to your bike’s handlebars using a premium plastic clamp and silicone net. It fits It will fit the smallest all the way to the largest of handlebar sizes (7/8″ to 1-1/4″ in diameter), adapting to your phone size and form factor as surely as phone manufacturers can crank out each year’s new wallet thinning device.

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It has six points of grip– yes, six; apparently seven or more is redundant, and five or less is too mainstream– securely fastening your phone to your bike like a needy teenage lover.

Furthermore, as if keeping your phone safe isn’t enough, this mount will adjust to any angle for convenient viewing while you ride, enabling you to see calls, music, maps, location, or just about any need you may have. (Just don’t enjoy your Netflix on it too much while on the ride or you’ll have more than a broken phone to worry about.)



Quality manufacture, a sturdy grip, a wide variety of angular positioning, and an overall wholesome build make this bike mount a must have if you take your phone along with you on a bike ride outdoors or for exercising indoors.

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