The Bike Desk Will Save Your Life

While it may seem like a wacko claim that an exercise machine will save your life (technically, all of them do), the bicycle desk, with its inherent and unique nature of folding the gym into your regular schedule without losing time, is one of those rare not-celebrated marvels of fitness technology that is unlike most others. Here’s why.


People are a generally focused, single-tasking animal, doing things one at a time, even if we have a list of things to do that can roll for miles.  Sure, we can do wild feats like juggle several balls while chugging a beer and hopping around the room on one leg to entertain friends (though maybe not impressing the chicks) all at the same time. But such things aren’t really the normal routine one would expect in one’s daily habits.

The Other Side of Focus and Attention

When we drive or walk, we are encouraged to keep our eye on the road (or the pavement to avoid the manhole or cross the path of the rushing bus). And work, including that in the office, requires enough attention to make trying other activities basically distractions that eat on your productivity.

But while you’re focusing on the work at hand, the rest of your body is generally at rest. And while this is how we’ve always done things since the desk job was invented, it isn’t exactly the optimal way to live your life.

Unless you’re a field salesperson or constantly out of the office, you may eventually need to make reports or spend enough time in the office regardless. It’s a separation of duties. When you work, you go to the office. When you’re done, you go home. When you need the exercise, you go to the gym.

When you go to the gym, you change into your gym clothes, do warm-ups, then your regimen, then warm-downs, socializing as you go, then shower and change and be on your way home.

With the bicycle desk, you can opt to do that and save the leg cycle time, or if you need to forego the gym entirely (for the day or more), you can simply opt to do so without the guilt associated with it, and still remain fit because now you can get your cardio and other exercises done in the office.

The Bicycle Desk Isn’t About Legs Alone

The bicycle desk isn’t even about leg exercises at all. Its benefits go across your lower extremities and toward an overall flow across your body’s circulation.

The best part is, not only can you do this as many times a day as you want– without having to worry or keep track of time (for exercise or requisite activity) multiple times a day– now you can simply constantly do it, and do it all day with the bicycle desk.

In fact, it makes it far simpler and more effective as an exercise, that because you can more easily do it throughout the day, you can get more fit, all while you’re working, saving you all the work, time and trouble doing regular exercises or trips to the gym would require.

And because you get the benefit of better fitness and more health benefits from the ability of doing it all day, it’s like spending hundreds of hours each month in the gym for free, not just in price, but the time, trips and trouble.

Multitasking at its Finest

Working while you’re pedaling away at a bicycle desk is indeed a kind of multitasking, but better. By strict definition, multitasking is about the execution and handling of more than one task simultaneously, such as for a woman driving while putting on makeup or a guy driving while fiddling with his phone; and from these example alone you’ll see how that isn’t a very effective way to preserve your life.

Multitasking by working while being on a bicycle desk however, allows you to do the same work that you already do, while activating what would otherwise be your still and unmoving legs towards a bad circulation that is slowly killing you.

Thus, it’s a far more productive form of multitasking, and this is why. When you’re able to do this kind of true multitasking,  you activate and use the parts that give you all the benefits of the exercise, without the distraction or active monitoring of your faculties that would be normally association with a lot of other forms of the concept of concurrently doing more than one task at the same time.

Ergo, first you get to work, then you get to pedal and exercise, then you generate and accumulate the benefits of said exercise towards a healthier lifestyle and arrest the slow decay of your body from stationary posturing.

But it doesn’t stop there, because the time you spend doing this is time you save from having to do this at the gym, for example. Sure,

Of course, this is not about advocating ditching the gym for good. Of course not. In fact, going to the gym is still encouraged. And in fact, regular use of a bicycle desk does not eliminate the benefits of going to the gym.

The Bicycle Desk is About Activity and Circulation

Regular use of a bicycle desk will not build you hard clear muscles in your legs, let alone your biceps. What it does however, is keep you healthy overall because it is more of a cardiovascular exercise that, depending on how you vary the strength and resistance level, can get your blood flowing in a healthy direction all the way to building strength and endurance overall.

You can stop there, but if you wish, you can still go to the gym and do all the other routines in your regimen.

But what the bicycle desk does is save you the time you would have spent on, say, the exercise cycle or other pedaling machines. If you spend 20, 30 or 60 or more minutes there, and you are able to shave that time off because you’ve already “given at the office”, these things accumulate.

As such, the bicycle desk not only makes you healthier. The bicycle desk not only saves your life. Instead, the bicycle desk gives you life by way of the extra time you will gain from the time you save because you already did the exercise beforehand while you were already doing something else at the same time.

The bicycle desk is the underrated miracle of modern times, and is only slowly getting the attention of the world. It deserves its place sitting (pardon the pun) in the mantle of health habits and tools that can save millions of lives. And it’s only just started. Just as there’s even more that we have to say about it, and more you’ll read about it in the media, because collectively, when it comes to t his modern miracle, we’ve all only just begun.

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