Sitting Elliptical Machine and Under Desk Strider

The Sitting, Under Desk Elliptical Machine

If you’ve taken anything from countless reports and articles about the sitting in the past few years, it’s that sitting for prolonged periods of time, all day and every day, is bad news. Here’s one solution that works.

The Wirk Orbit is a different kind of “bicycle” for your desk in that it’s a strider that allows you an easy way of exercising your lower extremities while giving you a good continuous cardio routine all over. That is, it’s an elliptical-style machine that unlike its gym (Amazon link to examples) or outdoor-bike brethren, allows you to gain the benefits of an elliptical exercise while you sit, and from under your desk.

It is easy to assemble and even has a foldable frame and carrying setup that ensures easy transport, while patented 360-degree hinges enable you to exercise and move your feet and legs forward and backward, as well as side to side, in skating motions, or full circles. It’s quite the unique pedaling machine and is quiet enough so it does not even distract you from your work, nor your office mates from theirs.

However, it is not meant to be stood on, so you can’t use it while standing, because it’s made to keep your legs active while sitting at a desk or in any seated position. Some users find it wobbly and wish it could increase its tension for even harder workouts, but overall these are minor nitpicks considering how it gives you a great workout for as long as you want, and get your body engaged without your legs and lower extremities wasting time idling while you’re working your upper body in a desk in the office or even just watching TV at home. The gentle motion is all that’s needed to keep your circulation going, and that’s the entire point.

Sitting Elliptical Machine and Under Desk Strider
Keeps your legs level

In fact, some users find the gentle motion is what they find to be superior to other desk pedalers and ellipticals. It “sets your legs free” while you sit at your desk to work while working out.

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Check it out, and get your workout groove on, even if you’re hard at work at the office, or doing it at home.

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