TaoTronics Universal Bike Phone Mount and Holder

Sexy, sleek, classy and rugged with a one-button release, The TaoTronics phone mount and holder for your bike is rotatable in 360 degrees presenting the best viewing angle on bicycle handlebars, with a rubber strap and one-button release.

To Bike or Not to Bike

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount and Holder
Photo credit: TaoTronics

It uses a Universal Cradle Clamp for your iOS or Android smartphone, but works as well for other purposes such as a boating GPS.

The TaoTronics bike phone mount keeps your phone or device within reach anytime and all the time, with a simple push on its button to instantly release your phone.

Its foam carpet underlines a soft cushioning that prevents your phone or device from receiving nicks and scratches, aided further by a band that fastens around your phone for extra protection even on bumpy terrain.

Easy to Manipulate

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount and Holder is Flexible and Rotatable
Photo credit: TaoTronics

It is easy to install and remove with a flipper you can simply screw to hold it firmly, while allowing for easy removal by hand.

It provides multiple protections that include non-slip rubber grip cradles that secures your device all over from accidental falls.

Whether your handlebars are fat, or thinner than standard, even on rock gardens, mountainous terrain and other obstacles, your phone will remain intact and unmoved.


TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount and Holder - Ready for Various Sizes
Photo credit: TaoTronics

Best of all, it is compatible with most mobile phones and devices all the way to 3.94 inches wide, and will clamp tight enough on handlebars with diameters of less than an inch in a way that its competitors don’t.

Protects Your Device Better than You

In fact, some people report having fallen from their bikes and they got injured long before their phone did, so that even when the bike made multiple rolls and its rider fell, the phone remained firmly snug in its holder with no problem.

It’s definitely a lot more useful than having to pull out your phone from your pocket to check for directions, messages or access to useful apps while riding, and is superior to its peers in the way it stays snug to your handlebar and in protecting your device. You’ll experience turn-by-turn directions and maps, for example, in a whole new way and your only regret will be why you didn’t get it sooner.

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Overall, it hits the perfect combination of getting the job done very well by holding your mobile device while also getting out of the way. It has similar positives with the Roam phone mount, but unique in its way to seem invisible until you need it.

It’s hard to deny the rugged appeal of this unit, but it really does work as advertised, and while it looks natural– even seemingly decorative bands have careful use in its singular purpose of keeping your phone or device secure. You only wish you as a rider will have such level of protection the way your phone does when taking it on a ride.

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