The Best Bicycle Bells

Their iconic sound is unmistakable, their vital importance keeps you safe and their many designs can spruce up your ride; it’s time to shine a spotlight on the best bicycle bells!

What should you be looking for in a bicycle bell? Three things; how loud, how convenient, and how stylish it is. You want to be heard over the urban din but not tinkling over every crack, you don’t want to waste precious handlebar space and you always want to look cool.

Then there is the ultimate consideration; bank balances.

So here’s our top ten picks for 2020’s bicycle bells that won’t break the bank, the handlebars or your eardrums.

The Best Bicycle Lock in the World

1.Lion’s urban bell

Lion’s bell just looks cool, it’s sleek, it’s classy and it’s Northern British. It’s made in Manchester and Birmingham and has a nice, loud sound that rings for 20 seconds. It fits very securely and doesn’t jangle when riding.

Lion’s urban bell is well suited to urban areas with stainless steel fastenings and a pitch louder than the traffic.

2.Electra’s ringer

Electra has tens of designs in bold colours and quirky styles, so you can  choose almost anything you’d like for your bike. If you can imagine it, Electra has it.

The bells are standard double ringer bells, but their sound is very loud. Plus, they look cool.

3.Knog’s Oi Classic Cycling Plus

Knog has managed to make a small bell that doesn’t cut into your fingers or take up room on the handlebar. And yet, unlike other compact bells, it’s still very loud.

Not as loud as the previous entries on our lists, but loud enough for normal traffic.

4.Basil Portland Bell

We’re going retro with this revived classic that’s put a spin on the Victorian style list and flick bells. You flick the arm with your finger to sound the bell, and what a sound! No matter how focussed on their tech, pedestrians will be able to hear you with this bell’s clear notes.

It’s available in several different colours from pure stainless steel to rose gold, to black and it just screams classy. Give your bike a touch of old world glam with new aged sound technology.

5. Widek Crown Bell

Our halfway point on the list and we’re talking about the standard bike bell. The one you see everywhere, from your childhood to the streets, the sweet and cheap bike bells typically found in every bike shop, work with a spring mechanism. They’re shiny and silver, nicely polished with a distinctive sound that all will know as – bike!- when they hear it.

The chrome bell is extremely durable but may clang and jingle when going over dips and potholes which is why they only take 5th place on our list.

6. Raleigh’s i love my bicycle bell

Raleigh has been responsible for making the dreams of children everywhere. Not making them come true, but actually setting the trends and driving the market. Their retro chopper bikes are being snatched up by nostalgia hunters everywhere and this cheerfully cheap offering is the ever dependable spring flick bell.

Designed to be chic and retro, the intentionally clunky design has a charming quality that takes us back to the glory days of childhood. The slogan is pretty sweet too.

7. Bumper Bugle Bulb Horn

If you want something a little… different, you’ve certainly found it with the bumper bugle bulb horn. Made for the quirky people in your life, be a little different, be a little bold with a trumpet in place of a bell. You will get glances from strangers, you may be ushered away from children, you will make babies giggle.

This not-bell-trumpet makes a decent noise, but it’s a trumpet noise. Life is full of spontaneous decisions, be unique and go for something that has a style all of its own. It would make a great gag gift.

8. Hide my bell.

Handlebar space is at a premium and is almost as precious as the houses on the school block. If you always find yourself knocking into the bell, or have a handlebar that rivals a rocket-ship’s dashboard, full of technological gadgets and gizmos, then hide my bell was made for you.

It’s sort of a bell on a stick, it’s a GPS mount with a bell on the end to save space. Pull the lever upwards to strike and a decently loud bell chime rings out. It’s easy enough to fit and durable.

9. Minnie Mouse Bell

If it’s a little one whose bike needs a bell, then Disney has the solution. Perfect for a little sweetheart who loves all things pink and cute, this minnie mouse bell fits nicely onto the thicker handlebars of a child’s bike. It’s made of plastic which means it’s safe and in some ways harder to break, but won’t last as long as metal counterparts.

Disney has corresponding bells in boys or neutral colors.

10. Trigger Bell

The greatness of the trigger bell is that it’s so small, you can place it right where your hand goes on the handlebar and you don’t need to sacrifice balance for safety when alerting a passerby of your presence.

It’s always within reach, always convenient and has a loud, clear sound. It fits easily onto basically any handlebar you can imagine, tightened by means of a screwdriver. It’s made from a strong polymer that makes it very long-lasting and durable.

It should live a long time and make ringing and riding a doddle. The trigger bell does suit drop bar handles best, but it fits nicely on standard models too.

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