Best Bicycle for Lower Back Pain

The Best Bicycle For Lower Back Pain Specifically

Lower back pain can really limit the number of activities that you can comfortably do. However, it is possible to find the best bicycle for your lower back pain to help recover faster. If you suffer from lower back pain and enjoy bike riding, you don’t have to give up riding after all. We will cover what to look for when searching for the best bicycle for lower back pain.

Best Bicycle Types Specifically For Lower Back Pain

Few injuries are worse than suffering from chronic lower back pain. Lower back pain is something that can affect both cyclists and non-riders. Some people believe that bikes are a cause of back pain, and to a certain degree, that statement is true. However, if riding a bike causes you to experience lower back pain, it’s highly likely that the bike is not a good fit for your body posture.

Depending on the type of lower back pain you’re experiencing will determine which style of bike is best for you. There are many kinds of bikes that it’s hard to separate the most effective for a specific purpose. But three types of bikes that have been proven effective at reducing lower back pain while riding as well as helping to speed up recovery. Those three bicycle styles are Comfort, Recumbent, and Semi-Recumbent bikes.

Three Of The Best Bicycles For Lower Back Pain

Comfort Bicycles

Traditional, standard bikes like mountain bikes that place your body in an upright position and lack any back support are bad for back injuries. You can end up putting extra pressure on your back because of your upright position.

Comfort bikes have an upright position, however, the seat is lower and the handlebars closer to the body. Comfort bikes also have seat shocks to help absorb vibration that can cause pain. The lower seat and closer handlebars help place your body relaxed position. This also helps to reduce pressure on the lower spine.

Recumbent Bicycles

For riders who can’t tolerate riding upright for prolonged periods, then a recumbent bicycle is a perfect option. In contrast to traditional bikes and their upright position, a recumbent bicycle places you in a semi-reclined position. Not only does this reduce the pressure put on your back it’s also better at engaging your abdominal muscles.

Although recumbent bikes are great for body posture and reducing pressure off the spine, they do have some cons. Because of their low design, they can be hard to see. For safety, you’ll want to attach optional flags that aide in keeping you visible while on the road. They also tend to have a higher price tag than other styles of bicycles good at reducing lower back pain.

Semi-Recumbent Bicycles

Semi-recumbent bicycles are kind of a cross between comfort and recumbent bicycles. This style bike has pedals positioned further forward and has a lower seat than a traditional comfort bike. Some even come with backrests for added support. This extra support results in better posture and less pressure on the low back muscles.

Conclusion: The Best Bicycle Specifically For Lower Back Pain

Just because you suffer from back pain doesn’t mean you can’t still do fun outdoor activities. Riding a bicycle is a great way to build and strengthen your core and lower back. By finding the right bicycle for you can reduce and sometimes eliminate lower back pain altogether.

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