Best Kryptonite Bike Lock

The Best Kryptonite Bike Lock

One of the most important parts of owning a bicycle is protecting it from theft. Bikes are one of the most commonly stolen items and you can testify to the constant concern if you are a bike owner that ever has to keep their bike outdoors. One of the ways that you protect your investment that you’ve made in your bicycle is to get a reliable bike lock.

Bike locks come in many shapes, sizes and brands. However, one of the most consistently reliable brands of bike locks is Kryptonite. They are known for producing some of the most affordable, but high-quality locks out there that are sure to protect the investment that you’ve made in your bicycle and stop thieves from taking it in the night or while you’re gone at work.

The Dilemma

The problem that we’re going to analyze today is to determine which Kryptonite lock is best between a U-lock or a chain lock. These two different types of locks try to accomplish the same mission, but they have different ways of getting there.

The debate over which one of these types of locks has raged on for years, but we’re going to offer a glimpse into which of these Kryptonite locks is best and protects your bike the best.

Ease of Use

If you are looking for ease of use, then U-locks are undoubtedly your choice. They are much easier to use and faster to deploy. They are light and the stiff shape means that you can easily fasten them around your bike.

When it comes to ease of use, U-locks are much better than the Kryptonite chain lock.


It is a close battle when it comes to security between the two. U-locks have a large set of weaknesses, but they can mostly be combatted by using good locking technique and ensuring that you use it correctly.

Both types of locks are susceptible to bolt cutters if they are less than 16mm thick. After that, you should be safe from bolt cutters since it would take more than a manual pair of cutters to get through it.

All in all, we believe U-locks to be the most secure as long as they are used correctly. If security is a large concern for you, you should use a very thick U-lock and make sure you read up on how to best use it.


In addition to being stronger and easier to use, U-locks are also more affordable. However, it will depend on the strength of each lock. Chain locks rarely beat out equivalent U-locks in price, but it does happen when there are sales or specials. In general, U-locks win this category as well.


All things considered, we think it’s much better for you to get a good U-lock as opposed to a chain lock. They have more benefits, keep your bike more secure, are easier to use, and are even more affordable in most situations. We highly recommend the Kryptonite U-locks if you are looking for something high-quality to keep your bike safe in all situations.

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