The Best Toddler Bicycle

The earlier a child learns how to bike, the easier they will find riding and kids who get an early start on biking, find it easier to balance and break. But first, you would need the best toddler bicycle for your kids.

They’re a great form of exercise and a way to get your kids outdoors and having fun, instead of being stuck in front of an ipad. They also help children develop basic motor skills and balance skills.

The different types of toddler bikes

Children can start learning to ride from the age of 12 months, but from 12 – 18 months, you want them on a four wheeled scoot toy. From the age of 18 months, the best bike to buy a toddler, is a balance bike.

Tricycles are the obvious choice when considering a toddler bike, but while they are a lot of fun, they don’t help your toddler learn the bike skills he’ll need. Check out our later pick for a tricycle that converts into a balance bike.

Pedal bikes are also great fun but make sure to choose a lightweight frame so that you can help wean them off training wheels and set them up for success.

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Why you should buy your toddler a balance bike

A balance bike is a two wheeled, pedal-less bike sometimes known as a push bike. Most kids who learn how to ride on a balance bike will be able to skip the training wheels when it comes to riding a real bike.

That’s why they’re increasingly popular options for toddler bikes. They help toddler gain the balance and fine motor skills that benefit them in every area of life and also prepare them for riding a real bike without training wheels.

Balance bikes are suitable for children aged 18 months plus but are usually suitable until around age 5.

Other important points

The most important thing to consider when choosing a bike for your toddler is getting the size right to help them ride. Too big or too small and your toddler won’t be able to ride properly. Your little one grows fast so consider adjustable seats when buying the first pedal bike.

Remember that if your toddler bike is intended for indoor or outdoor use makes a huge difference to the bike you will choose. Plastic wheels are a little too slippy for indoor floors, so stick with rubber wheeled trikes or ride on push toys.

The weight of the bike should be no more than 40% of your tyke’s body weight, although the lighter the bike, the easier it will be for your child to ride.

The size of a child’s bike is determined by the diameter of the wheels, unlike adult bikes which are sized up by the width of the saddle. Kids who are 2’10” to 3’4″ or to put it another way, if your kid’s trousers are 14 to 17 inches they’ll need 12-inch wheels.

Adjust the seat so that your toddler’s feet are able to push off the ground comfortably, but are not dragging.

The best balance bikes for toddlers

Here are our top three picks for balance bikes for a toddler.

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Lightweight, easy to assemble (a massive relief for parents tired of toys and baby essentials arriving in 100 pieces), this bike’s seat is crazily adjustable meaning it can last from 18 months to 5 years.

The Woom 1

This is no toy. The Woom 1 comes with pneumatic tyres and a rear handbrake, perfect for teaching essential biking skills to toddlers.

REI Co-op Cycles REV Balance Bike

Slightly heavier and not as adjustable as out other picks, The Co-op bike has a wider handlebar for easier balance and rubber tyres for mess free, smooth indoor riding.

The wishbone

The wishbone toddler bike; Amazon

Special mention has to go to the wishbone. Made from sustainable resources, the wishbone converts from baby push toy suitable from 12 months, to a push bike to two levels of a balance bike.

It scooped up several prestigious awards back in 2009 when it was released, including TIME magazine’s best design 2009.

The best tricycles for toddlers

The Angeles rider

If this reminds you of the adorable little trikes you rode in preschool, that’s because it is the trike you rode in preschool!

A little heavy but super durable, fun and easy to ride, this trike will be passed onto your grandchildren.

Fisher price trike

A little bit extra, this super cool toy has storage compartments for toddler to store toys and treasures, lights and sounds for hours of fun!

The Schwinn Roadster

For the toddler with style, this trike looks like a bike, is made of metal to aid balance around curves and a cool wooden platform for your toddler to give rides to their friends.

Chrome handlebars, cute tassels and a super sweet bell will delight your little one.

YBike Evolve 3-in-1 Tricycle and Balance Bike

This one deserves a special mention because it converts from toddler push trike/ride along carriage to a trike to a two wheeler!

Talk about value for money Not only will this trike grow with your toddler until the age of 5, it will adjust to their skill level, taking them from day one, to full proficiency two wheeled riding.

The best pedal bikes for little tikes

The Woom 2

It’s a little pricey but very lightweight and the bigger wheels just make it superior to 12 inch wheeled bikes.

Clearly Gecko

The small frame makes the gecko perfect for first time riders, built for budding athletes, the gecko is brilliant for going off road with your toddler.

Riding is fun and enjoyable, a toddler bike is the start of a lifelong hobby, passion and useful skill that we all love!

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