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Under Desk Bike: Exercise All Day While at Work

The Under Desk Bike

The recommended “dose” of daily activity at the office and home is a combined two to four hours of standing as well as light activity spread throughout the day.

Even NASA’s studies have shown that standing up for a couple minutes more than a dozen times a day while at work is a great start of maintaining bone and muscle density.

Sitting would have normally been relegated to a sidenote, except when it is required to hit the spotlight for how it is secretly killing people.

Thankfully, for all the benefits of the standing desk and the problems that go with it, combined with the comfort of sitting, there is a sweet middle ground that combines the best of both, without the downsides. It’s called the bike desk.

For a pedal exerciser desk, you can still take sporadic periods to do any variety of activity, but the rest of the time you can simply sit back and marvel at getting your exercise down while working, simply by pedaling away at your desk cycle bike.


How Much Exercise is Best for Below-Desk Bikes?

While there is much disagreement about whether doing cardio training or lifting weights burns more calories, the consensus to the question of “how much exercise is enough?” appears to be: “whatever the exercise that you do.”

Whether you’re training for the office Olympics or simply getting the blood circulating, the under-desk bike simply makes doing the deed easier and with less friction.

Having to go through long routines with other exercises like switching on the office treadmill for example, is more of a chore and decibel amplifier compared to simply staying put and just starting to pedal on your under desk bicycle. Or a DIY bike desk using a real street bike.

That’s because what matters is that you exercise. Most people are said to stop exercising either because they have an injury, or they get bored.

And what is the best exercise for weight loss? The answer is similar: “The best exercise to lose weight is the exercise you’ll do,” say the experts.

The under desk exercise bike gets the job done of keeping blood flow at healthy levels, but has the indirect benefit of what may seem like an oxymoron: The office exercise bike is not only far more convenient than alternatives, but is a pleasure to use as a prop for the paradoxical concept of a passive workout.

That’s because while you exert the same effort in order to burn those calories and get your cardio game going, it is done at your lower extremities that are normally stationary anyway when you’re working, and frees your hands and upper extremities to let you do work– typing away at your computer or shuffling documents as you go, even watching TV at home– allowing you to literally multitask in a healthy style that stacks in positivity all over, physical and mental while accomplishing work at the same time.

It’s an uncommon combination like a gift that dropped from the heavens for all the time it combines and the benefits it provides in a way that is truly a concept that sells itself, the likes of which is that what is really amusing is why everyone isn’t doing it already. But something people are truly starting to realize and come around to.

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