Which Bicycle is Best for Back Pain in General

Which Bicycle Is Best For Back Pain in General

Knowing which bicycle is best for back pain is not always that simple with so many options on the market. If you suffer from back pain when bike riding it might be time for a different bike. As long as you remember body posture, you’ll be able to determine which bike is better for your back.

Good And Bad Bicycles For Overall Back Pain

In general, a large number of people ride traditional bicycles– like mountain bikes– and these types of bikes have various issues that come along with them. For example, they put a lot of pressure on the spine because your body is in an upright position. Often because of the handlebar positioning, you have to lean forward slightly. By leaning forward you add more pressure to your lower back.

Now there are some bikes that have better body positioning when riding than traditional upright bikes. There are modified upright bicycles called comfort or cruiser bicycles. These styles of bikes can help to reduce back pain when riding. Comfort bicycles offer better body positioning with a lower seat and handlebars closer to the body. The pedals have been moved further forward than traditional bicycles. This results in less weight shifting during pedaling and less pressure on the lower back.

An even better option for a bicycle if you suffer from lower back pain is a recumbent bicycle. Unlike the comfort bicycle, the recumbent bicycle puts your body in a semi-reclined position. Not only does the recumbent bicycle reduce nearly all pressure from the lower back it also engages different muscle groups.

Why A Recumbent Bicycle Is Better For Lower Back Pain

One of the main reasons why recumbent bicycles are the best for back pain is your body position. You should avoid traditional bicycles if you suffer from a back injury. Recumbent bicycles position your body in a semi-reclined position. In this position, nearly all the pressure of your body weight and gravity are no longer compressing your back.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons stated that keeping your spine in a neutral position during aerobic exercise is a must. The position that a recumbent rider is in ensures proper back protection.

Cons Of The Best Bicycle For Back Pain

The recumbent bicycle is hands down one of the best bicycles for people suffering from back pain. The recumbent bicycle is also a bit awkward to ride for first-timers. For folks who just want to pick up a bike and ride, a recumbent bicycle may take you a little time before confidently hitting the streets.

After you get over the learning curve of how to ride a recumbent bicycle you then have to worry about safety. Because of a recumbent bicycles low profile they can sometimes be hard for motorists to see. Often times when you see fellow cyclists on recumbent bicycles they use brightly colored flags to help draw attention.

One final thing to consider is the cost of recumbent bicycles. They tend to cost significantly higher than a traditional upright bicycle. Also, they are mostly only good for flat surfaces. You won’t find many cyclists riding recumbent bicycles off-road or up hills very often, if ever at all.

In Closing

Every bicycle has good and bad trade-offs, however, when it comes to protecting the lower back, the recumbent bicycle is best for that. By taking the appropriate safety precautions you can safely enjoy recumbent bicycles rides back pain-free.

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