Work While Working Out with the Laptop Workout Desk and Recumbent Bike

Work and Workout Desk Recumbent Cycle

It isn’t often that you get a chance to have your cake and eat it, too. But when it comes to fitness, this is one of them.

This particular cake happens to be an indoor exercise machine that allows its user to exercise comfortably (a seeming oxymoron if there ever was one) while also actually able to work at the same time. Yes, you can workout while you work. And this machine has a name: the Stamina 2-in1 Recumbent Workstation (read more from Amazon).

Here’s why.

Exercising in the Recumbent Workstation Bike in its Natural State
The workout user and desk bike in their natural habitat.

Fitness normally means effort and work as well as exhaustion driving your way towards effects that make it all worthwhile such as good health and the many benefits that go with it. Practically any such benefit without the drudgery and tiresome exercise associated with them are usually branded as fake or simply untrue.

But studies backed by empirical data over the years have shown that sitting for prolonged periods is just plain bad for you. While exhaustive workout routines have their place depending on your goals, getting the most sweat and effort at any given time isn’t necessarily the only way towards lasting fitness.

And yes, even if you exercise, sitting too much is still very bad for you.

What matters is movement. And a constant blood flow circulating around your body borne of movement (read: your cardio) does wonders not just for your heart and capillaries, but your overall well being as well, physical, mental and otherwise.

The Adjustable Multipurpose Recumbent Workstation BikeAnd when you speak of movement, it doesn’t even mean having to make vigorous movement. Just moving enough, as often as you want.

The real killer isn’t a lack of exhausting exercise, it’s a lack of movement. When you sit at home watching TV or at your office all day doing table-anchored work such as documents or paperwork, your body is at rest.

In these cases, though your mind is working, as well as your arms and hands (considering you’re typing at your keyboard, viewing reports, communicating, engaging in a meeting, or doing paperwork), for the most part, the rest of your body is stationary, and your legs and most of your lower extremities are at a standstill, or more appropriately, a sitstill. And that’s not good.

So how to solve this? By getting your lower body to get moving as well. But how exactly do you do that while you’re working at your desk for example? Now that used to be the conundrum that had no answer at a time when technology didn’t demand more time for your posterior to remain glued to your seat.

But now, there’s a solution to the question of what to do under your desk when you’re working, and it’s as simple as it is the only real answer: get those legs moving!

How exactly you do that is a matter of multiple different (and often competing) possibilities, many of which don’t even have to do directly with your workout (because really, your goal is to get your lower extremities moving, so any activity towards that is generally a goo done) but your environment.

There are under-desk cycles, table steppers, desk height adjusters (so you get off the seat and stand), and many others, ranging in soft and easy equipment, to noisy, vibrating, insanity-inducing (to office mates) noise bringing vigorous machines, and everything else in between, including under-the-table pedaling bikes that unfortunately gets the most complaints for making users hit the ceiling of their undertables during the up cycle of the bike.

Using the Recumbent Workstation Bike as a Standing Desk
Doubles as a standing work desk.

But one of these solutions is the all-in-one solution from Stamina, and it is the 2-in-1 recumbent exercise bike workstation (that happens to double as a standing desk). It’s desk is where you’d usually find the gauges in a regular exercise machine, and the tray becomes the desk from which you can rest your laptop or documents and get work done, while you do your workout.

You can stop, continue, pedal, and so whatever you want, all day, every day. But for the most part, it gets your legs moving in a low-impact cardio routine that not only keeps blood circulating and your body exercised even if you did it the whole day, but also keeps your boredom at bay.

Where else can you imaging having the ability to do a workout all day, and everyday? Now you can. And because it’s adjustable, you can set it exactly the way you want. And you better, because you can stick to it for hours on end, and unlike before, now you can get your body moving and an exercise going, without the usual downsides associated with them.

This makes working out a piece of cake, and allows you to have it and eat it, too.

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